philips laser hair removal

Philips Laser Hair Removal

Philips Laser Hair Removal is very comfort and effective in removing unwanted hair. Find out detailed information about philips lumea models.

Philips Lumea gives permanent results in removing unwanted hair. The new model is called Philips Lumea prestige BRI956. It can be used cordless and corded. It comes with 3 intelligent curved attachments. All attachments are gentle on the skin and don’t cause pain at all.

Can You Use Philips Lumea On Public Hair?

Philips Laser Hair Removal is very gentle on the skin. It can be used in removing public hair (bikini line area). In fact, Philips lumea IPL hair removal device is suitable for removing unwanted hair for both females and males. In general, lumea models are suitable for public hair removal. It is safe to use lumea kit to remove the entire bikini area including bikini line, mons pubis and perineum areas. You can use a low energy setting to remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas without any pain. The bikini line area may be darker compared to other areas that’s why you should use a lower setting. Don’t direct the kit towards the labia minora area. Men also love to use Philips IPL and it is safe to use it for removing public hairs. However, men cannot use Philips hair removal model on the whole genital area (public bone & scrotum) or anus.

Is It Safe To Use Philips Lumea?

Philips Laser Hair Removal kits are safe and recommended by dermatologists. They are reat for removing hair in short time. many girls get amazing results from the first session while others need more sessions. we recommend using lumea device once every two weeks. Also, the user manual is very effective and safe for hair removal. See the best treatment hair removal plan depending on your hair color and skin type. Make sure you are removing your body hair without applying the laser on the area twice during the same session. Most people get skin problems like redness and inflammation if they use the device twice per week so you shouldn’t do that. We are sure you will get the desired results after the last treatment. Your skin will be silky smooth after only 8-10 weeks of using philips device. philips lumea prestige BRI956 is great for removing hair. You can use it corded and cordless that’s why women love to use it.

What’s The Difference Between Philips Laser Hair Removal?

Philips Laser Hair Removal models use IPL technology to remove unwanted hair. It is better than laser hair removal in removing hair from large areas such as legs. The main series of philips lumea are Philips lumea prestige, Philips lumea essential, and philips lumea advanced. Philips lumea devices available now differ in cost, shape, number and type of attachments and usage. Here are all philips lumea models launched on the market.

Philips lumea prestige

  • BRI956 (Best Choice)
  • BRI954
  • BRI953
  • BRI950
  • SC2009
  • SC2007
  • SC2005

Philips Lumea Essential:

  • BRI863
  • BRI861
  • SC1983

Philips Lumea Advanced:

  • SC1999
  • SC1997

Unfortunately, not all philips lumea models are available on the market now. We will discuss all philips lumea models on the market to help you find the best version for your needs.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

philips lumea BRI956


There are 5 Philips lumea kits available for sale. The best selling kit is Philips lumea BRI956. It won the 2017 Beauty Award Golden winner. It is FDA-cleared and recommended by dermatologists as the kit is very safe to use without professional training. All Philips lumea models for home use are safe as they include safety filters. Women who tried Philips lumea BRI956 got up to 92% of hair reduction after only 3: 4 treatment sessions. The application and user manual will help you finish the treatment plan successfully. Make sure you are using the plan correctly. Don’t overuse Philips lumea to protect yourself.

  • Life Long – more than 20 years
  • Flash Lamp – more than 250,000 flashes
  • SmartSkin Sensor – detect the suitable energy power depending on your skin and hair color.

Who Can Use Philips Lumea BRI956?

Philips lumea BRI956 is effective on blond/dark blond hair, black hair and brownish hair. Moreover, people who have while, blond, light brown and dark skin color can still use philips lumea safely and effectively. However, laser hair removal is not as effective in treating too dark skin, red hair, light blond hair and white hair. People who have faire skin need more sessions to get the best results.


  • Ease of usage – the user manual is very clear. You can use the kit corded or cordless. This gives you more control during your treatment session.
  • Ready to use – although the initial cost is a bit high, it is a cost effective device. You won’t need to pay any extra costs and it has long life time. It is a good investment on long term as you won’t need to pay for razors and shaving creams anymore which make it cheaper than epilation methods.
  • 5 Energy settings – to adjust the energy depending on the type of the skin and hair. You can do it on your own or let the device choose the best energy setting automatically. Also, the device doesn’t flash if the skin tone is not suitable for philips lumea usage.
  • 4 attachments – It comes with face attachment, body attachment, bikini attachment and underarm attachment to help you use philips lumea anywhere and anytime without pain or sensitivity reactions.



Can I Use Philips Kit Every Week?

We don’t recommend using Philips devices every day. Most of laser hair removal plans are made through using lumea devices twice per month. Philips kits are designed with IPL technology. It is safe to apply IPL technology on the skin of your body and face. It is suitable for dark, dark brown and medium dark skin colors. However, people who have blond, red, grew or white hair on their body and dark skin tone can’t use Philips for hair removal. Lumea is fast in hair removal, you can remove your legs hair in less than 15 minutes. You will notice up to 92% of hair regrowth after 3 sessions.

What Women Say About Philips Lumea?

‘The difference is amazing, it slows hair growth from the first treatment’ Luliia said. She was very satisfied with her experience with Philips lumea BRI956. She got real results after using Philips prestige IPL hair removal model for one month. Her body hair growth is reduced and her body hair stopped growing fast.

‘Works very well and easy to use’ Amazon customer said. She doesn’t need to buy razors and shaving creams anymore. My body looks so much better after using the Philips lumea prestige IPL hair removal device which is better than professional. You can use the bikini attachment to get the perfect skin. This kit from Philips deserves each penny. It is the only device that can be used cordless and corded. You can use it at home and take it with you on your travel. You can use it anywhere in the world as it comes with 110-240v. Also, it comes with a EU cable and USA extra so that it is suitable for people who travel a lot and want to keep their skin beautiful and hair-free. Read our laser hair removal reviews.

Are IPL Hair Removal Results Permanent?

IPL is a semi-permanent way to remove unwanted hair. It reduces the hair regrowth within time by destroying the root of the hair. This inhibits hair growth then after finishing your treatment plan you will get permanent results. In general, IPL is effective in destroying the hair follicle permanently. However, you might notice the growth of hair in the area you are treating with IPL technology. The thing is IPL destroys the hair root during the hair cycle. It takes time to get the permanent results. after the first treatment, you will notice that your body hair growth is slower and fewer in number. There are many factors that affect hair growth like your skin type and your hair frequency of growth. Underarm laser hair removal cost at home and at clinics. 

Women who use Lumea IPL noticed that the hair grows fewer and lighter as IPL technology can damage the hair follicle if it is not destroyed from the first session. Hair regrows back slower but eventually, you will get permanent results which are totally worth the money and effort. Permanent results need several treatments but it is easy to use Philips Lumea IPL devices at home. Shop Philips Lumea Models now and see their detailed reviews. 

Here is a recent video that shows a detailed review on Philips Lumea

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal gives you permanent results eventually. You need to be patient and also it is important to do the treatment sessions regularly to get the desired results. The amount of time that the hair regrow in depends on your unique hair cycle. some people have hair that grows faster compared to other people. As example, laser hair removal works best for people who have light skin and dark hair color because the contrast between the skin and the hair color helps in removing unwanted hair. People who have dark skin and brown hair need more sessions to get the desired results. The user manual and the application of Philips are very useful. They will help you find the best treatment plan and schedule for you. They are of great benefit on choosing the right power setting and when to expect results during your treatment. At first, you will need to maintain your results by using Philips device every month after you finish your treatment. This is the best way to guarantee that you are getting permanent results. after some time, you won’t need to do anymore sessions which make hair removal using IPL a great investment for every beautiful woman.  


At home hair removal devices from Philips are available in reasonable prices on the market. It is a good investment for your money and your time. The results vary in time depending on your skin tone and hair color, most people get amazing results after only 3 treatments. Be patient until you finish your treatment plan to find out the real difference between using new technology such as Philips IPL and epilation methods. Save on Philips lumea BRI956 now.


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