Philips Lumea Review

Philips Lumea Review

Long answer short, the Philips Lumea is a hair removal device that works using laser technology to remove and reduce hair growth and We’ll go through Full Philips Lumea Review. The Philips Lumea Prestige is effective in various areas of your body like the face, underarms, legs, etc.  

Philips claims that this device can reduce your hair growth by about 92% after just 12 consistent treatments. Since this is one of the most powerful laser hair removal devices available today, we have to say Philips lives up to this claim adequately. 

This device would have to be used four times every two weeks initially if you want to see results. This is an essential step in ensuring you start your hair reduction journey the right way. 

You’ll need to use it for a touch up about every four weeks or so to achieve silky, hairless skin for up to six months. Not many devices within the same price range can claim to give you such powerful results. 

As for how it works, it sends out a wavelength that penetrates your skin. The wavelength then seeps into your hair follicles. Once this happens, it releases heat which kills the hair cells responsible for growth. This process is what causes hair growth in your targeted areas to reduce gradually. 

Tips And Tricks

To give you a full, comprehensive Philips Lumea review of how this product works, we’re going to give you the lowdown on a few tips and tricks on how you can use it well. These tips include instructions on what you need to do before, during, and after your hair removal treatment.

Make sure you go through all of these carefully to ensure you have a smooth and safe hair removal experience.

Review Philips Lumea Features

In this section, we’ll discuss the various functions the Philips Lumea hair removal device has to offer.

It Makes Hair Removal Affordable

While many women opt for salon or clinic-based laser hair removal treatments, these aren’t exactly easy on the pocket. To say that such treatments can be quite expensive is an understatement of sorts considering you’ll need multiple sessions to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently. 

Even so, getting professional laser hair removal or reduction treatments do not always remove all of your hair permanently. Such treatments generally work on getting rid of up to 90% of your body hair over months of treatment. 

The Philips Lumea Prestige is known to reduce body hair by about 92% from the first three treatments themselves. This makes it a much more cost-effective option as compared to visiting the salon now and then. Moreover, this device requires minimal maintenance as it’s been made using high-quality components that are durable and don’t break down easily. 

It’s A Convenient Method Of Hair Removal

Philips Lumea Review

Philips has designed this device in such a way that even those with no experience in the beauty industry would be able to use it. It comes with a set of instructions and even an app that allows you to understand how you can use it well to achieve optimal results. 

While there are many hair removal devices such as this one available in markets around the world today, this device works better than most of them in terms of ease of use. The concise and explicit instructions Philips provides with your purchase help ensure that even the previously uninitiated find themselves able to use this device effectively. 

The app that you can use alongside your hair removal treatment comes with some customer support and personalized, one-on-one guidance on how you can use this product to remove most if not all of your unwanted body hair permanently. 

The app is free for download and uses for all those who purchase the product.

It Helps Save Time

Granted, using the Philips Lumea Prestige to reduce hair growth requires pretty much the same number of sessions that a salon-based or clinical treatment would require. 

However, take out traveling time for trips to the salon and follow-up sessions and you’ll see why we say the Philips Lumea can help you save time. Also, as we mentioned above, most people (including us) have found it fairly easy to use this device. 

The ease of use ensures you save hours in trial and error as many hair removal devices out there can be confusing, even challenging to get the hang of. Besides, the Lumea Prestige comes with options for both cordless and corded use which means you can save time preparing for trips, etc. as you can carry it along with you and use it anywhere. 

When using the device with the cord attached, you can use it to go over one full leg in about 7 minutes. As for cordless use, this can take about 11-12 minutes of use. This is quite a small amount of time to spend on hair removal considering you can go weeks without waxing or shaving between sessions. 

As you can see, it’s more advantageous to use the device with the cord attached as this can save you a few minutes. When corded, it takes about 2 seconds for each flash. 

Since its being constantly powered through the cord, you won’t even have to take intervals to stop and recharge your device. This further helps you save on time.

The Device Is Quite Well-Designed

The Philips Lumea Prestige is so well-designed that it looks more like a sleek, unique accessory than a hair removal laser device

The best way to describe its external appearance would be to compare it with a small gun or blow dryer. 

What is perhaps the best feature of the design is the handle. While we’ve tried out quite a few hair removal laser devices in the past, none of them seem to get the grip right as Philips does. 

The handle is slender and curved which makes it easy to hold and navigate around your body. Once you hold the device in your hand, you’ll find that your finger will end up resting on the trigger and you won’t have to reach around for it – another noteworthy feature. 

The Philips Lumea Prestige has three different attachments to treat different areas of your body. You can switch it up and change these three attachments quite quickly and easily.

Since you’d be able to view the edges of the attachments when you place them on your device, you’ll know instantly whether or not they’ve been fitted properly and if there are any gaps. Also, the power cord that comes along with the device is a whopping 2 meters long and doesn’t get in the way no matter how you swivel your device.

It’s Sturdy And Durable

This device may be larger and heavier than similar hair removal devices, but this means that it’s also sturdier and less prone to damage than they are. It’s well-balanced despite being heavy so, in the interest of having a strong device, we won’t complain about the weight. 

It’s made of great-quality materials that don’t scratch or dent easily. This is especially useful during those initial stages when you’re just learning to handle the device and some amount of mishandling is inevitable. 

As for durability, it’s more durable than almost any other hair removal device available right now. With laser hair removal devices, there’s always the danger of running out of flashes. 

The Philips Lumea Prestige has about 25,000 flashes in each device. Considering its attachment covers about 4.1 sq. cm of area, this is quite a formidable number of flashes in terms of the lifetime area they can cover. 

Philips claims that this device will last you for roughly a couple of decades before it needs to be replaced. We’d say this quite an optimistic estimation considering parts and batteries do need to be replaced every so often due to wear and tear.

A lifetime of about 15 years seems to be accurate here. If used properly and maintained regularly, there’s no reason the bulb life of the Lumea Prestige won’t last you for about 10-15 years at the very least.

Safety Features

Philips Lumea Review

A big (and valid) concern most people have with having a laser hair removal device is regarding how safe it can be for use. We’re all familiar with horror stories in which someone or the other has ended up with burns on their skin post laser hair removal treatments.

However, this is a thing of the past. Laser hair removal is now one of the safest and most effective solutions to remove and reduce stubborn hair growth permanently. While most people are hesitant to visit a skin clinic to get hair removal treatments, there are more that don’t want to use laser treatments by themselves. 

However, rest assured that you won’t end up burning or scarring your skin with this device. We say this because it has some of the most well-developed safety features in the business.

Since it operates at different intensities following your skin type, it makes sure your skin receives only as much heat as required to target the hair growth cells. 

A common question people have regarding the flash window is if it can damage your eyes. This is not true as the flash window is activated only when it’s in complete contact with your skin. This means that you can’t aim the laser into space or your eyes if that’s what you’re worried about. 

The device also has a built-in skin tone sensor and UV filter. These features help ensure your skin receives maximum protection from the flashbulb once in use.

Pros And Cons Of The Philips Lumea

Now that you’ve understood the basic features/benefits the Philips Lumea Prestige has to offer, we can get on with reviewing a summary of its pros and cons. Make sure you go through these carefully to set realistic expectations of how well this device can work for you.


• It’s well-designed and easy to use even for those who have no prior experience or knowledge using hair removal devices. It comes with a set of instructions that’s easy to follow. 

• It has great safety features that ensure it’s safe for use by amateurs and professionals alike. 

• The lamp used in this device can deliver over 250,000 flashes in total.

• It has different attachments and settings for use on different areas of the body such as the face, arms, legs, and bikini line. 

• The Smart Skin sensor it contains can tell you the precise settings you’d require for your skin tone which saves you the trouble of manually programming the device. 

• It’s very convenient to use as it can be used both with and without a cord. 

• The curved design and slender handle make it easy to maneuver and use on different areas of your body. 

• The treatment window measures about 4.1 which gives it ample space to cover large areas of your body such as the legs. 

• Using the Philips Lumea Prestige is not nearly as costly as getting a laser hair removal procedure done professionally. 

• It causes little to no pain when used in most areas of your body. 

• You can continue to follow your regular waxing or shaving routine in between sessions.

• It’s quite durable and can last for about 15 years at the very least.  


• As is the case with most laser hair removal devices, this device does not work very well on lighter hair strands and darker skin types. 

• It can be slightly painful when used on sensitive areas of your body. 

• It’s quite heavy (weighs more than half a kilo) when compared to other hair removal laser guns due to the presence of the rechargeable battery contained inside it. 


There are many hair removal options available today but few of them are as effective as the Philips Lumea in terms of quality and pricing. This device may have its fair share of cons, but it does come with enough benefits to merit a purchase.

Sure, it’s more expensive than waxing, shaving, or epilating. However, it’s cheaper than professional laser hair removal treatments. Besides, if you’re not happy with the results, Philips offers you a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

The world of hair removal solutions is a tricky one to navigate if you’re not familiar with how each device works and what it can offer you. This is why you must go through every section above to ensure you understand what you’re investing in. 

Since this device can help you get rid of about 92% of body hair with continued use, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most effective hair removal devices out there. 

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