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Philips lumea models reviews: prices, efficiency, when to expect results and number of flashes used. This full guide will help you decide which one is the best model for your needs.

Philips focuses on improving customers’ experience through providing useful kits for home use in healthcare. Hair removal IPL Philips lumea models are fast, easy to use and available in many price ranges. At we are offering best five different IPL Philips lumea kits, know more about the main difference between them below.​

Philips Lumea models use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Technology) to remove hair from the roots. It reduces the regrowth of hair gradually. Repeating the IPL treatment will give you permanently beautiful healthy skin. All Philips Lumea models have a skin tone sensor to help you find the right power setting for your skin tone. It detects your skin tone which can change from an area of your body to another. Philips Lumea models will automatically stop emitting pulses if the area you are treating is too dark for hair removal, which makes Philips one of the safest methods to remove unwanted hair.

Philips Lumea Prestige

Philips Lumea Prestige models are easy to use for hair removal. You can use it for most body parts safely without pain. The attachments are curves to be suitable for body curves. Philips Lumea models deliver a tailored treatment hair removal experience for each specific body part. 

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

philips lumea BRI956 philips lumea models


It is the most powerful kit from Philips. You can use it on bikini, body and face hair removal. It offers five adjustable power settings and skin tone sensor to get the safest and most effective treatment. Philips lumea prestige BRI956 comes with a user manual to help you find the right hair removal plan depending on your skin type and hair color. Many women who tried Philips lumea prestige BRI956/00 got permanent results after only 8 weeks of treatment. all philips lumea models are amazing for getting fast results.


  • Philips’ best choice and it is the top selling in all retailers
  • FDA approved and dermatologist recommended – as it uses IPL technology which is safe and effective in hair removal
  • >250,000 lamp flashes
  • Works corded and cordless
  • Face, bikini, underarm and body attachments
  • Long cord
  • More than 20 years lifetime
  • Up to 92% hair reduction
  • Affordable price without any hidden cost
  • Fast hair removal to treat all your body in less than an hour


  • None! Women love everything about it

It is reliable device as women who tried it got amazing results and they highly recommend it for women who want to get silky smooth skin. It is safe to apply treatment on White, blond, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown skin colors. We don’t recommend using Philips lumea prestige if your skin color is brownish black skin tone, nor red, light-blond or if your hair color is grey or white. This IPL hair removal device can be used corded or cordless. This means you have more control on your treatment. Shop and find more information about Philips lumea Prestige BRI956 Device for home use now.

‘I use Philips lumea prestige BRI956 to maintain my results every month’ Sara said. Her body is hairless now but she continue using it every month because she is obsessed with it. She likes that she finally can remove all body hair without pain in just minutes. This version of Philips lumea includes everything you need to remove hair body at home safely and effectively. It has a safety filter to protect your skin and your eye during the treatment.

 ‘This new version of Philips lumea really makes a difference’ an online reviewer said. Philips lumea prestige is effective in reducing hair regrowth from the first treatment. The results last for more than 8 weeks. You can use it corded or cordless. It is one of the best philips lumea models that has effective IPL hair removal technology. It can be used cordless. This mean you have better control on reaching hard-to-reach areas using the corded models. You can simply take it with you on vacations too. Read more on laser hair removal reviews.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

جهاز فيليبس لوميا الاصدار العاشر امازون


It is another amazing device form Philips Lumea for hair removal at home. This device is a great economical choice if you are looking for a low budget hair removal kit. It doesn’t come with a bikini and underarm attachments like Philips Lumea prestige BRI956 but you can still use the body attachment for underarm hair removal by using a lower power setting. 


  • > 250 000 flashes
  • Body and face attachments
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Long lasting results
  • Comes with 2 years manufacturer guarantee
  • IPL technology


·       No bikini and underarm attachments

It is reliable device as women who tried it got amazing results and they highly recommend it for women who want to get silky smooth skin. It is safe to apply treatment on White, blond, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown skin colors. We don’t recommend using Philips lumea prestige if your skin color is brownish black skin tone, nor red, light-blond or if your hair color is grey or white. This IPL hair removal device can be used corded or cordless. This means you have more control on your treatment. Shop Philips lumea Prestige BRI956 Device for home use now.

‘I’m new to Philips lumea but the results are amazing after only three sessions’ Jowahir Said. She didn’t have much hair but it was bothering her. The hair regrowth is reduced every week. This keeps her more determined to complete her IPL plan and get a full-body treatment at home. It is very safe to use this device at home. You can use lower power setting for sensitive areas.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953

فيليبس لوميا bri953


Philips lumea prestige BRI953 is more similar to Philips lumea prestige BRI954, the main difference between them is the price. both come with body and face attachments. They can be used for hair removal even for dark skin. Women who tried Philips lumea prestige BRI953 found it is really effective on dark skin. It is also safe to use, as the device has a smartskin tone sensor. If the skin tone is too dark for hair removal, the device automatically stop emitting flash pulses. Shop lumea prestige BRI953 IPL device now


Same features as Philips lumea prestige BRI954


·       No bikini and underarm attachments

‘It really works so don’t give up’ an amazon customer review. She bought Philips lumea prestige BRI954 and she wasn’t sure about it at first. After a while she got real permanent results. she completed her plan for removing all her legs hair and she got hairless results as she always dreamed. All you need is 5 minutes every week to remove your body hair using IPL technology. If you don’t have enough time, you can try other plans such as every two weeks hair removal plan. The results will keep you motivated for your next sessions so don’t give up. It is really worth the money being cheaper and more convenient than professional treatment

Philips Lumea Presetige Review

here is a preview by one of the doctors for Philips Lumea hair removal check it out for more info about usage and compatibility.

Philips Lumea Advanced 

The Philips lumea advaced come with 5 light intensity settings and only has the face and body attachment heads. Repeating the treatment leaves your skin beautifully hair free and make the skin touch very smooth.

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00

philips lumea models




With 5 intensity levels and safety features, Philips lumea advanced is ideal for removing unwanted hair from large areas. You can change the light intensity in just a press or let the device do it for you. By pressing the device against the skin, you will find the light on the back flashes telling you which power setting is the best for your skin tone. Also, the skin tone sensor changes the setting depending on your skin color to avoid burns and pain. It is more precise device than the older Philips version of SC1999.


  • Body Attachment
  • Bikini Attachment
  • Face Attachment
  • Comes with storing case, cleaning cloth and user guide
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for treating small and large areas
  • Gun shape elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • >250,000 lamp flashes
  • Extra-long cord
  • IPL technology


·       Working corded only

It is safe to use this kit at home if your skin is light or medium in color according to Fitzpatrick skin standards from I to IV. It is not designed for darker skin tones (V and VI). For the first moment, you will feel how amazing your experience with IPL hair removal kit at home will be. The user manual included everything about safety and efficacy. It also suggest treatment plans depending on your skin color. You should try IPL Philips lumea advanced. it is the same as other philips lumea models in efficiency. If you are searching for at home hair removal device that overs Up to 8 weeks of hairless skin after only 4 sessions you should get it! Shop lumea advanced SC1998/00 device now.

‘I used Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998 model three times till now and the results are stunnig!’, Maria said on her review. She bought the device recently as she wanted to get rid of unwanted thick hair forever. She tried other methods before such as waxing and using an epilator but she consider Philips device the best solution for all her problems. Shaving your body cause skin damage and using an epilator is tedious. Some women using an epilator every two days and they can’t get IPL hairless results. Philips IPL hair removal kit is the best alternative to salons IPL treatment. It doesn’t cause pain compared to other hair removal options that’s why women love philips lumea models.

Philips Lumea Essential

Amazing device for preventing the reappearance of body and face hair. It is very gentle on the skin using the IPL technology for pulsing the laser light. 

Philips Lumea Essential BRI863/70

philips lumea models

Philips lumea essential BRI863 hair removal device is safe to use on most skin and hair colors. It is fast, trusted and give long term results. all users who tried it are totally satisfied. The IPL Philips lumea BRI863 device is easy to use. It uses IPL technology derived from salons’ IPL technology for home use. IPL is safe to apply on skin without causing pain during the treatment session or else if you are looking for a budget hair removal option, we recommend using Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998 device. Philips lumea models are amazing for hair removal and will give you permanent results. 


  • Integrated UV filter
  • Philips lumea essential kit, power adapter and travel pouch
  • Comes with detailed user manual to help you find the right device for you
  • High build quality
  • Safe to use
  • Long lasting results
  • Prevents further hair growth for most skin tones safely
  • IPL technology


  • Heats up quickly although you can rest during your long treatment sessions until it cools down.

From the first impression you will notice the high building quality of your laser hair removal device. with 200,000 flashes and 3.2 cm2 window treatment, you can remove your legs hair in just minutes! This way you will keep your body hairless and beautiful for long time. Shop lumea essential BRI863/70 device now

‘I have been using Philips lumea essential for several weeks, and I’m totally satisfied with the results’ We asked Emily about her experience with Philips lumea essential and that’s what she said. Philips IPL laser prevent hair growth more every time she use it as IPL technology prevents hair regrowth safely and effectively. She said that the user manual is very clear and she also used the app to track her treatment plan. You can notice improvement after only 2 weeks. The initial results varies according to your hair density and skin tone. You have to be patient if you are using Philips lumea essential for large areas or for full-body treatment. Wait until you finish your treatment plan then watch the impressive results.

Philips Lumea Advanced Vs Prestige

Both these models are excellent choices from Philips. Both will last for ages, have exceptional build quality, look beautiful and give long-lasting smooth results. And online reviewers love them too. But which comes out on top? And which should you choose?
In short, this comes down to your budget and which body areas you want to treat.

  • Philips Lumea Advanced is Philips’s mid-range home laser machine. It provides comfortable treatment to smaller body areas only like the bikini line, the armpit, the forearm and facial hair removal.
  • Philips Lumea Prestige is the top-selling personal kit for hair removal. The treatment sessions are fast. It is also packed with premium features and designed for all body parts including the face. It is perfect and the results are amazing

Philips Lumea Prestige Vs Advanced: The difference between them

Here are the main differences between the two series:

  • Price: Philips Lumea Prestige models range from $450 to $650 while Philips Lumea Advanced Price ranges from $460 to $550. 
  • Suited to: both are great for small body areas while Philips Lumea Prestige is more effective on large skin areas. Both can work on dark-toned Skin with Advanced is safe for light to medium dark-toned skin and the Prestige for medium dark-toned skin .
  • Safety: both are safe on skin tones from I to IV, while Philips Lumea Prestige is also suitable for V tone (dark skin). 
  • Ease of use: Philips Lumea Prestige is easier to use as it works cordless and corded 

How To Use Philips Lumea?

It is very easy to choose the right power setting for your skin. You can check the user manual or let the Smartskin sensor determine the right setting power for your skin and hair color. It Is very easy to use at home following these simple steps: 

  1. Shave, wax or epilate the area you are going to treat first. (avoid exposure to sun before and after your IPL hair removal session by two weeks)
  2. Select the power setting depending on your skin type using the Smartskin sensor for better experience. Choose the right attachment from face, body, underarms and bikini attachments depending on the area you are going to treat. Know more about underarm hair removal.
  3. Press the kit against your skin vertical at 90 degrees. When you see the flash light read on the back, press the flash button to remove hair effectively.
  4. Slowly move Philips lumea on your skin while pressing the flash button. Try not to flash the same area twice in a single session.

To get your desired results, wait until you finish 3:5 sessions in 6-8 weeks of IPL hair removal. Many women use Philips every two weeks, this depends on the plan you are using right now. You should also continue using the Philips lumea device after reaching the desired results to keep your skin beautiful and hair-free.

Which is less time-consuming Advanced or Prestige?

The Philips Lumea Advanced and Philips Lumea Prestige both have a regular stamp mode for a single flash (position, push, release). And both have glide mode (position, press and hold, glide) for continuous flashes. The number of flashes between the two, however, is somewhat different. And with the Philips Lumea Prestige, sessions are considerably much faster.

With the Philips Lumea Advanced, it flashes every 3.5 seconds. This means using the device on the highest intensity level, you can do a thorough full leg in about 20 minutes, and full body in over an hour.

 With the Philips Lumea Prestige, it flashes every 2 seconds, This means using the device on the highest intensity level, I can do a thorough full leg in around 10 mins, and full body in under 40 mins.

As you can see there is a big difference in the speed of both devices The Philips Lumea Prestige is among the best Philips IPL high-power instruments you can pick from. Hence it is an excellent choice for small and large areas of the body and especially for the removal of whole-body hair. For wide areas or entire body exercises, I do not suggest the Philips Lumea Advanced. True, you can split the areas of treatment over days so it’s less tedious. The Prestige is however a much better choice for full-body sessions if you want to do it in one single session. Check more on legs hair removal Cost.

Why To Use Philips Lumea?

Philips is 1# in IPL hair removal in Europe and get many awards for beauty such as Beauty Awards 2017. There are many benefits of using Philips including:

  • Up to 92% reduction in hair regrowth after only three sessions. Many women who used Philips Lumia devices enjoyed hair-free skin after only 8 treatments. It is your time to enjoy permanent hair removal for more than 6 months.
  • Comes with curved easy to hold attachments – the face attachment is smaller than the body attachment because your face is more sensitive and the area you are treating is smaller. Some of the models we included have additional underarm and bikini kits. They are designed especially to remove thick hair without pain. The body attachment is made for large areas so that you can remove your legs and arms unwanted hair in less than 5 minutes. Know more about bikini line laser hair removal
  • Fast, easy to use kits – many dermatologists trust Philips and suggest using it as a great alternative option for salons. You don’t have to pay much money on your beauty or worry about your privacy thanks to Philips IPL new versions.
  • Offering Support – you can use the IPL apps to track your results and find step by step guidance about IPL hair removal considering each area of your skin. It is very easy to make your own treatment plan depending on your free time and the areas you are treating at home. Check Philips Lumea for men special version 

Is IPL Hair Removal Suitable For Me?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a new technology for hair removal. Many of salons use it and Philips derived it for at-home hair removal. It is different than laser hair removal but the results are similar. While laser methods generate a monochromatic light, IPL kits generates broad spectrum pulses. This means IPL is much better for removing hair from large areas in shorter time.

Using IPL technology is safe and effective on many skin types and hair colors. If you have dark blonde, blown or black hair you can use it safely on white and dark brown skin. The more difference in the color of your hair and skin, the faster results you are going to have. On the other hand, you can’t use IPL devices on while, light blod and red hair colors. The melanin is the main target of IPL kits and it is low is such hair types. You will not get the same results like other people. If your skin type is not compatible with Philips lumea you can still try Philips epilators and razors. Check laser hair removal for men laser kit.


Philips lumea models are highly effective in hair removal and suitable for wide range of skin tones and hair colors. Now you know more information about top selling Philips lumea devices.  We recommend Philips lumea Prestige BRI956 because it has elegant design, suitable for most body areas and can work cordless. This model includes all necessary features to make hair removal at home very exciting to do in affordable price. It is also suitable for hair removal on all skin colors expect brownish black skin tone, which make it more effective, compared to other kits

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    1. Philips Lumea

      Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is the best of range with slide and flash.

  1. Hi

    I really want to purchase Lumea Prestige BRI956. I am in USA, but Amazon is out of stock and I don’t want to buy from other stores. What is the plan here? Are you going to restock Amazon? or you are not producing this item anymore?

  2. Hello,
    Which model should i choose if I don’t mind the cord and time? Do the models differ in pain intensity (I heard it tingles/hurts a bit)? I have light skin and medium brown hair. I will use it for legs, bikini, underarms and upper lip.

  3. I am using philips advanced and i’am so happy but i want to know if after a wide I should change the head of the machine or not,

    1. Philips Lumea

      All Philips Lumea models have 250 flashes, after end you can’t buy new heads or flashes because the flashes on the device itself.

  4. 1.Which model is the last version of Lumea Prestige? 2.What is the production year of the last model of Lumea Prestige? 3.There aren’t any left in stocks of Philips in my country.If I buy Lumea Prestige from other sources such as Amazon, is it possible for me to get help from Philips stores in my country when my product gets broken or when I have problem about its usage?

    1. 1. Latest model of Prestige are Bri956, Bri954, Bri953, Bri950 released in 2017 difference between them the nilumber of attachments .. rest of specifications matched and produced on 2020 or 2021.

      2. Sure the warranty is international any philips agent should help you ????

  5. In country I am, there is only Philips Lumea BRI950/00 & PHILIPS LUMEA BRI921/00… Can you tell me about these models? I am struggling with PCOS, and have excessive hair growth on my chin so I want to use it for that predominantly, will it help?

    1. Hi Aleks,

      BRI950 one of Prestige models with just two attachments one for face and the other for rest of body.
      BRI921 one of advanced models with also two attachments one for face and the other for rest of body.

      Prestige Models Work wired and wireless and its faster than Advanced. But you can’t use it on your chin just on your Cheeks .

  6. Which device should I get if I care about speed? I don’t mind cords. I don’t care about extra attachments as long as the main attachement is safe to use on sensitive areas.

  7. Hi, which model is best for face and neck. Underarms is the next in priority after the face/neck

    1. BRI955 new model established on 2021 and contain 450,000 flashes which more than old model BRI954 with 250,000 flashes. Rest of specifications Completely identical 🙂


    1. Bri956 one of Prestige models with 250,000 flashes with 4 attachments face, body, bikini, Armpit

      Bri955 one of 9000 series models 2021 with 450,000 flashes and just 3 attachments face, body, sensitive area

  8. Which one is the best Philips lumea prestige bri954 bri956 or bri955 mostly for bikini area and underarms

    1. All of them work fine with these areas, but BRI956 or BRI958 coming with 4 attachments (Body, Face, Bikini, Underarms) which make sessions easier and faster than BRI954.

      🙂 Good Luck

  9. Hi, if i will buy this from UK, is it ok to use in canada ??? i ask because of voltages difference.

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    Why aren’t 9000 series models (with 450,000 flashes), BRI955 specifically, available for purchase in USA? I can’t even find any IPL products on
    Can you recommend a legitimate seller, I’m wary of buying from amazon. Thanks

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    Which is best cordless 1956 or corded 1949 or is their a better one than either of these

  12. I purchased Lumea Prestige but the adapter is UK adapter. What adapter can i use for canada? Can you please send me a link? Thanks

  13. Hi I bought bri56 but after 3-4 uses there is a mark on the machine window which doesn’t go away with cleaning , the seller says it’s normal , so who do I contact to see if it’s a problem to use with mark as seller is not giving full refund for it

  14. Which one is the most recent model? And which model is highly recommended for Asian skin tones?

  15. Dear Philips staff member,
    I was reading somewhere that safety glasses are recommended while using this product. Which one do you recommend?
    Thank you very much!

  16. 1. What are the important difference between Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series BRI958/60 and Philips Lumea Prestige IPL BRI956.

    2. How can I buy a genuine product in India? I don’t want to order it on Amazon.

    3. Does warranty apply for Indian customers?

    1. Hi Affan,

      The only difference between them is number of flashes for BRI956 250,000 and 450,000 for BRI958. I think Amazon is the only source offer it and the warranty is international.

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