Philips lumea essential

Philips Lumea Essential

Philips lumea essential: price, how to use and duration of laser hair removal. A full guide to help you use IPL technology at home effectively.

Laser and IPL hair removal methods very common these days. They give you the silky-smooth results you get from using an epilator but the fact is that they are less painful and give you permanent results. Philips lumea essential is luxurious kit built in high quality. We suggest using it for removing unwanted hair of bikini line, face, underarms and forearms to get beautiful skin in just minutes! Keep reading this full Philips Lumea Essential BRI863 review to see if it is the best IPL hair removal option for you too.
Let me first present you a brief about laser hair removal and best kits available on the market for home use.

What Is Included?

  1. Philips Lumea kit
  2. Power Adapter
  3. luxurious Pouch for storage and traveling
  4. An Instruction Manual

Pros of Philips Lumea Essential

  • Integrated UV filter
  • Very easy to use
  • Amazing build quality
  • A Fast hair removal device
  • Online reviewers love it!
  • Comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • More than 10 years of monthly treatment
  • Comes with a skin tone sensor
  • Good reputation and customer service from the manufacturer
  • Safe to use on most skin tones and hair colors
  • Long term hair reduction

Cons of Philips Lumea essential

  • Heats up quickly

Is It Safe To Use IPL technology

Philips Lumea Essential works with an innovative light-based technology which is IPL. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is used in salons to remove hair from large and small areas in just minutes. You can now use it at home thanks to Philips Lumea Essential. It is very effective in removing unwanted hair and is also not painful. It is also safe and comfortable. Removing unwanted hair at your place provide you the necessary privacy and yet you can get the same professional results. There are more than 2000 women who use Philips Lumea for hair removal and the results are stunning.

Philips Lumea hair removal

Philips is the best brand for hair removal using IPL technology. That’s why it is women’s best choice all over the world. Philips offers 3 main laser hair removal series:

  1. Philips Lumea Prestige
  2. Lumea Advanced Model
  3. Philips Lumea Essential

Read our full guide to know more about Philips Lumea hair removal devices and best models for luxurious hair removal and on-budget kits.

First Impressions Lumea Essential


Philips Lumea Essential Review was different. It is packaged in a deep pink luxurious storing case which make a great first imression even before using it. The outside design will tell you everything about Philips. The information is very clear on the case which will make you more motivated to try it right now. It shows that Philips is safe for body and face hair removal and it prevents hair regrowth. Also, this model works faster than previous hair removal kits such as Philips SC1983 and Philips Lumea SC1984. Moreover, the dermatologists participated in the manufacturer process and safety measurements. Form the first moment you will feel the high-quality of the kit, adapter, and attachments. They are all protected in the storing case and come with a travel pouch so you can take your laser hair removal kit with you anywhere. 

Why Philips Lumea Essential?

Like any other permanent hair removal, the initial cost is hair but this device is totally worth it. Women who used it noticed a reduction in hair regrowth every week. It will give you the hair-free skin from the first treatment course. For the best results, you should use it regularly following the user manual depending on your skin type. Philips Lumea review will tell you everything about the kit and how to use it.

It is considered a cost-effective hair removal device as it comes with 200,000 flashes and a 3.2 cm2 treatment window. The kit is designed to treat large areas of your skin.  

It Gives You Permanent Results

Philips Lumea uses IPL technology which is very safe and effective in hair removal.  Many women who tried it achieved permanent hair reduction. It doesn’t come in just one session, you need to continue your full treatment plan as guided on the user manual for the elimination of all hair on the area you are treating using IPL technology. Philips is more effective in hair removal when the hair is in the anagen stage of growth (actively growing stage) and only a percentage of your body hair is growing at the time of the application. That’s why you need to be patient in order to reach the desired results. also, there are many factors that affect your permanent results such as genetics, hair lifecycles, the power setting, and your hair color.

Most people who tried IPL hair removal get up to 80% of total hair reduction after finishing their treatment plan. In general, as a guide for you, you are likely to need 6 to 8 treatment sessions to get your desired results. it is also important to maintain your results by using IPL hair removal every month or two after finishing your treatment, depending on your treatment plan. The results of IPL hair removal at home takes more time compared to salons as the device is designed for personal use with a lower setting. It is not bad so as it is safer option for many women. The light is gentle and safe on the skin in a cost-saving manner. You don’t have to schedule appointments or do treatment with baring many strangers in clinics and salons thanks to Philips Lumea hair removal at home. Philips Essential BRI863/70 is derived from professional IPL devices to be fast, effective and easy-to-use without the need for professional help. You can treat all your body hair without paying much money now.

How Fast Is Philips Lumea Essential?

It’s very fast in removing hair. All you need is 5 minutes for knees on each side and one minute for your arm. You can use it for bikini area hair removal in a minute and your face in less than a minute. You can use it for full body hair removal and it will take less than one hour. Also, changing the power setting affects your treatment session. For sensitive areas, you can use lower power setting to avoid skin irritation. You will find detailed instructions on the user manual.

We recommend using lower power for small areas like your bikini line and face. A few reviews say it takes more time to treat large areas such as legs but the results are improving within time. Try to be patient and never underestimate your results after each session. if you feel bored at first, you can divide your large area sessions into shorter sessions. with time, you will get used to IPL hair removal and feel excited about the next session as the results are really motivating.

another Philips Lumea Essential review: “I’m using Philips Lumea Essential IPL for several weeks and the results are impressive. The hair regrowth density and speed are reduced after each application. The user manual is very clear and also the app is helpful for me. IPL worked for my dark skin, I got real results after only two weeks and I’m continuing to use it to maintain my results” Customer review.

What Do The Online Reviews Of Essential BR1883 say?

We searched everywhere to provide you with real reviews for Philips Lumea device and not just on the internet. These stories are from customers who are telling us their experience to help you save time and effort before buying your next hair removal device:

Amazing Results From First Sessions

‘I bought Philips Lumea Essential three weeks ago, and I’m using 12-week pregame so I’m using it once every week and the results are impressive from my first session’, Emily Said. Her results are not dramatic and she noticed that the hair grows back slower compared to other areas she didn’t start to treat yet. She said it doesn’t hurt or cause heat even with using it for long sessions.  she let it cool down and rest in-between when treating large areas of her skin. ‘I’m really excited to continue my treatment plan and see results’ she said. Hair removal results are perfect, fast and last forever. The value and the quality of Lumea essential are high, that’s why women who use it are very satisfied with the results. in fact, many women feel a difference from the first treatment. If you have excess hair growth, don’t worry Philips will help you achieve perfectly smooth skin in just minutes.

How To Use Philips Essential?

  1. Shave the area you are going to treat first. After 4:5 times of using Philips Lumea essential IPL, you won’t need to epilate before treatment.
  2. Make sure the attachment is clear then attach it to Philips Lumea Essential body. Put the plug in the wall and switch on your kit.
  3. You can choose the light power depending on your skin type as directed on the user manual. Also, Philips Lumea will advise you which power setting is suitable for the area you are going to treat color.
  4. Put the device on your skin in a 90 degreed and start your treatment session. The device can automatically suggest the safest and most effective setting depending on your skin tone and your hair color. Press the button to flash and change the attachment depending on the area you are treating.

This device weight is 456g “including the adapter”, at first you may feel it is heavy but you will get used to it. Also, it consumes 70 Watt of power if you are using it on the highest power which makes it a power-saving device. 

Here is a video that shows the unboxing of Philips lumea essential

Who Can Use Philips Lumea Essential?

Philips Lumea is safe to use for adults over the age of 18 years. Make sure you are storing it away from your children to protect them from any hazard. The fact is both women and men can use laser hair removal safely. It is designed for body, face, armpits,chin and bikini line hair removal using 200,000 flashes. Please, not that men can’t direct Philips Lumea Essential to face or use it on their breed. Men shouldn’t direct the kit to the lower region as it is not tested yet.

Philips Lumea is not very effective in treating too dark skin as the difference between the skin and the hair color is small. It might cause skin irritation and burning. If you have too dark skin and thinking about trying Philips Lumea, consult your doctor first to know the best for your skin.

Tips Before Using Philips Lumea kit At Home

  • Epilate your hair using an epilator, waxing or a razor before using your IPL kit. This is a very important step to get satisfying results as it is more successful on hair-free skin. The flashes should reach the roots of your hair follicle to get the results. when the follicle heats up, it gets destroyed leaving your skin clear and healthy. Without epilation, it might be hard to reach the follicle root if you have too much hair on the area you are testing.
  • Not epilating or trimming your hair before the IPL application might cause an unpleasant smell and give you less effective results.
  • If you only hair a few hairs, you don’t need to shave first as it is not a necessary thing in this case.
  • IPL hair removal is not suitable for tattoos. It will make your tattoo color fade, so consider other options for removing hair on tattoos such as epilation.
  • User lower power in removing hair from bikini line and other sensitive areas. It might be hard at first if you are new to laser and IPL hair removal. You can take breaks and divide your session at first. In fact, within the time it will be very easy.
  • Both men and women can use Philips Lumea. Men shouldn’t direct it to facial hair.

Philips Lumea Review: Our Rate

Philips Lumea Essential BRI863 is one of the best personal kits for hair removal. It is very safe on the skin and has good reputation among women who tried it at home. You should try it if you are looking for luxurious hair removal kit at cost-effective price. The only problem with it is that it heats up quickly.

So, this affects the rating which is a well-deserved 4.7 star, making it our #2 of our best hair removal devices.


In conclusion, Philips Lumea essential is a trusted and cost-effective device to remove your body hair permanently at home. You don’t have to waste your money and time on laser sessions at clinics anymore. Check our guide of best Philips Lumea models to know more about Lumea kits for hair removal. 

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  1. The device I have already used a dozen times, with my skin type (light skin, dark hair) it works very well, already after the second application the hair becomes thinner, after the fourth application half does not grow anymore. In a few weeks, the rest should be gone.
    ( -) Sometimes a little painful because it heats up relatively strongly, but that is in the nature of the matter. So

    from me a clear purchase recommendation.

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