Philips Lumea BRI956

Philips lumea bri956 is the best kit used for hair removal. Find out more about the cost, how does it work and pros of using it. 

philips lumea IPL new model is very effective in hair removal. It gives you long lasting results. It will change your life as it has all the necessary features. Philips lumea IPL BRI956 is a reliable device. that’s why women love to use it for hair removal anywhere, anytime.

philips lumea BRI956


Hair-free results are challenging but at the same time, once you use Philips lumea BRI956 and see results, you will love to complete the treatment sessions until you get the desired results.

There is no doubt that this device from Philips is safe and gentle on the skin. The smart skin sensor detects the type of your skin and hair then automatically sets the best power setting for your skin. This will help you find the best power without any side effects. Here are the features of Philips Lumea BRI956. Read our laser hair removal reviews.


Philips lumea prestige Bri956 reviews

It does the job” Diana said. She used Philips Lumea BRI956 for 3 times on her legs and armpits. She noticed real difference on the number of hair growing back. Also, her body hair was thick before. You have to finish your treatment sessions and do them in schedule to achieve perfect results. This reviewer has dark hair and light skin. 

Another reviewer is Maria who said “Philips Lumea BRI956 gave me fast results after only 4 IPL sessions”. She used the device for 8 sessions and noticed 90 or more of hair off. The results are amazing and she recommend getting Philips Lumea for permanent results. 

Cost Of Philips lumea Bri956

The average cost of IPL hair removal at clinics is about $300-$400 for the session. You need more than one session to get the permanent results. the cost of Philips lumea BRI956 is $478.81 which is considered cheap compared to at clinics hair removal. The technology used is IPL derived from at clinics IPL devices. The light used is lower to be suitable for personal use but it is as effective as at clinics hair removal. You will need more sessions to get the same results. At the same time, it is safer to use Philips Lumea device as it has fewer side effects on the skin. Laser hair removal at home is much cheaper than laser treatment at clinics. 


Philips Lumea Prestige is suitable for removing hair for most skin types. It can reduce hair growth by up to 92% after only 3 sessions. You can use it anywhere as it comes with 4 attachments for hair removal. It is safe to use Philips Lumea bri956 prestige on a wide variety of hair colors and skin types. Get Philips Lumea now to enjoy hair-free skin forever without much effort. Check Philips Lumea models and their reviews now.

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  1. Ahmed Hilal Alhadhrami

    I have an inquiry
    Why men can not use this machine for their faces while ladies can?
    I want a scientific answer please

    1. Philips Lumea

      Men and Women can use it on their faces, just men can’t use it on their chin as their Scalp Whether they are men or women because the natural of the hair in these areas.

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