Philips Lumea Advanced

Philips Lumea advanced model. Best features, efficiency and how to enhance your hair removal results.

Philips lumea advanced model is great for removing unwanted hair permanently. It works with IPL technology that can treat large area of your body in short time. The gentle pulses of light is effective in getting smooth skin for wide variety of hair and skin tones.



  • Lumea Advanced gun-shaped kit
  • A body attachment
  • A Facial attachment
  • A bikini attachment
  • Muti-voltage power adapter with long plug
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Storing case
  • User manual 

IPL Technology

The Philips Lumea advanced uses IPL technology which is safe to use on your body and face. It reduces the regrowth of the hair. After finishing your treatment sessions, the hail won’t grow back and your skin will be smooth and hairless.

Is It Safe To Use Philips Advanced?

 You can use Philips advanced SC1998 safely on light to medium skin tones. According to Fitzpatrick skin types from I to IV.

We don’t recommend using it for darker skin tones which are V and VI in Fitzpatrick skin standards. If you still want to try it, ask your doctor first.

First Impressions About Lumea SC1998 Model

You will get it in a small deep pink storing case. It is elegant in shape and you will find clear information about the product outside. It summaries how amazing your experience be. From the first moment, you will see your skincare future and your beautiful skin are about to be true.

Inside the deep pink box, you can find the Philips kit with the extra attachments. They are protected in plastic molding. It looks more like a small hairdryer but in a unique style. 

Why Women Love Philips Lumea Advanced?

Elegant Gun-shape design 1

The Lumea device SC1998 is very easy to hold. It has light-weight and you will feel like your index finger rests can hold easily. It has a long cord to help you reach all your body areas without much effort. You can use it to remove hair from leg and bikini line areas using the flash trigger button with your index finger rests as if it very common to use it even from the first time.

You can hold it while pressing the flat button using your index finger to remove hair from your face and underarm areas. Try using it and you will find out that it is easy to master from the first sessions. 

Easy To Control

It is a simple device with controls on the top of it. It has a panel on top for switching it on and off. You can change the power and put it higher in just a press. The device has 5 power levels to choose from. See the user manual to know exactly which power level will give you the fastest treatment depending on your skin tone and hair type.

Attachment For Mostly All Body Areas

This is considered a full package device as it comes with extra flash windows to attach to Lumea depending on the area you are going to treat. The attachment which has 4 cm2 size is large enough to allow fast treatment for large body areas like legs and arms.

Other small attachments of 2 cm2 size are for treating small areas and face. They are more precise as the light is more concentrated in a smaller area.  This small attachment has a red filter so you can use it with less pain in removing hair from sensitive areas like your face and toes.

Remember to use it for removing unwanted hair of other body areas if the large attachment wasn’t precise enough for them. Many women used it for removing hair on the upper lip and chin and they got amazing results.

Get Results From The First Sessions

‘I’ve used Philips Lumea Advanced three times and the results are amazing! Highly recommend it’, Maria Said. She got Philips Lumea Advanced recently. She had thick hair everywhere and the best solution for her is Philips. 

She used to shave her body hair but shaving cause skin irritation and damage. Laser hair removal is safe, painless and gives you permanent results, that’s why she is recommending it for every woman who wants to get perfect results at home. 

You should put in mind that permanent results need patience. It totally depends on your hair color and skin tone. Keep using your laser hair removal device for the full treatment period regularly to get the desired result. You should maintain your results by using the device once or twice every month after the treatment sessions.

‘Don’t give up, it works eventually’ Jowahir Said. She finds laser hair removal IPL easy to use at home even on the highest setting. The pain is easy to tolerate. ‘I lost hope after first sessions and almost stopped using Philips thinking I’m wasting my time’ that all changed.

She is happy that she didn’t lose hope and she completed her treatment. She felt a real difference after four sessions. her legs now are hairless and smooth.

She used the Philips Lumea advanced SC1998 to remove hair 5 minutes only per week. The hair regrowth is reduced every week. Within time, her body becomes hairless and there are only fine strands of hair on the underarm area but much less than before.

The results are very motivating to continue your treatment. You will find the hair finally stop growing back. She also used the device for removing hair from the bikini area. You shouldn’t use the highest setting there because the area is very sensitive. It is safe, but it is much painful, unlike your legs and underarms. Philips lumea devices are real investment once you try them, you will get obsessed with them thanks to the huge improvement after sessions.

Great Purchase

‘The results are amazing, you need to follow the instructions on the user manual to get exactly what it promises’ Kristina said. It is not a magical method but it is cost-effective and in the long term, it is a cheap hair removal method.

It is more convenient compared to salon hair removal. The results are not immediate but it offers a great low-cost alternative for salons. It takes a longer time to get the same salon results at home but you will get the same results after all for sure and in much less budget.

Hold your Philips Lumea advanced device and press it firmly down on the area you are treating. She got amazing results thanks to that. It doesn’t cause any pain, the feeling is similar to epilating your body hair as it destroys the hair follicle from the roots.

‘Most of the unwanted hair disappeared after the treatment’ she said. After the treatment, your body will look silky-smooth. You will barely find hairs to epilate or shave anywhere. That’s why she is recommending it, Philips Lumea advanced device is much cheaper compared to salon prices. Hair removal is totally worth the money. 

It makes your skin smoother and doesn’t cause irritation compared to shaving and epilation. ‘You can use Philips Lumea app to keep you on track’ it is amazing for tracking your results.

If you are using laser hair removal for a large area, keep in mind that permanent hair takes time. You don’t have to remove all unwanted hair in a single session.

If you are new to laser hair removal devices, you can use it beside epilation like shaving and waxing until you master using your IPL laser hair removal. You will be more accurate in applying your IPL treatment within time. To guarantee you are getting a real working device purchase from amazon through our links.

Is It Safe To Use Lumea Advanced SC1998?

Yes. This device is clinically proven safe. You can use at home without causing sensitivity. Avoid sun exposure before and after laser hair removal as your skin is more sensitive to light. This device has a built-in UV filter which is very effective in protecting the skin. It uses IPL technology which is proven effective in removing hair and being safe to use on skin.


Philips Skin Tone Sensor And Safety System

The device check first if the light you are using is safe for the skin tone before the treatment. It won’t show a flash if you have a very dark skin tone. If the power setting is compatible with your skin, you will notice the light above the label ready on the back of the hair removal kit. Most of us don’t have even skin tone as the skin color varies between body areas. You don’t have to worry about that too. The device will check your skin tone regularly during your sessions.

Can I Use Philips Lumea Advanced in The Bikini Area?

Lumea device is safe to use for removing public area and bikini area unwanted hair. For women who want to use it for bikini area, Philips lumea is safe and gentle on your skin. You can use it safely for full bikini hair removal. Women use it for Brazilian and Hollywood without any problems, and the results are stunning!

To avoid discomfort during the session, use lower settings as your skin in this area is darker and more sensitive to pain. We don’t recommend using Philips for in the inner parts of your bikini area. Don’t use Philips Lumea advanced device on labia minora, vagina or anus areas. Men also can use Philips Lumea but without directing it to the pubic bone, scrotum or anus areas.

When To Expect Results?

To get the best results you will need 4:5 sessions (you can do them in 8 weeks) to reduce hair regrowth effectively. Within time, you will notice that the hair regrowth is less frequent.

 Before You Use Philips SC1998


Philips lumea advanced is safe and effective in removing hair, you can use it on face and body parts. It uses intense pulsed light to reduce hair regrowth until you get permanent results. Philips is all you need to have silky-smooth skin at affordable prices.

Although this Philips Lumea advanced model doesn’t have all the unique features of Philips Prestige model such as working cordless, it is still an affordable device to achieve the smooth skin you are dreaming about. It works really effectively, cost-effective choice and lasts for more than 15 years.

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