Facial Hair Removal For Men

Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Permanent hair removal for men is the best way to enjoy hair-free skin. The laser is a fast and gentle procedure to remove unwanted hair and get long-lasting results. 

Laser therapy is very safe and can be applied to any part of your skin while ensuring getting the best results. 

Laser hair removal for men 

The laser works by producing a specific beam of light. The light targets the melanin inside the hair and destroys the hair follicle. It inhibits the growth of the hair without disrupting the skin surface itself. 

In reality, some men get annoyed because of the unwanted hair in many parts of their body. As a man, if you are suffering from unwanted hair and looking for long-lasting results, you should consider IPL and laser treatments. Shaving doesn’t stop the hairs from coming back shortly. That’s why shaving is not the solution to your problem.  

Is It possible to remove hair permanently?

Laser and IPL hair removal technologies are very common today. They may give you the permanent results you are looking for but it takes time. You have to be patient to get the desired results especially if you chose to use a personal kit at home. You can see noticeable results after only 4-7 treatments. Laser therapy uses a specific beam of light. While IPL therapy uses a wider beam allowing the removal of more hair follicles at the same time. This means that IPL sessions are shorter than laser sessions. Full body treatment for men may cost $400 to $600 per session while an area like the chest is priced at around $250. 

Can a man permanently remove facial hair?

Electrolysis is the only process that guarantees to remove facial hair forever. It destroying the roots of the hair and stop the hair from growing back. 

There are many options to get rid of facial hair for men. You can use shaving creams, razors, and laser therapy. The skin of your face is very sensitive. That’s why many laser hair removal kits are not suitable for personal use. You have to use a cleansing solution or a moisturizing after removing your facial hair. 

Permanent hair removal for men using laser therapy is not a dream anymore. The laser treatment is the best for large skin areas such as the chest, the stomach, and the back. However, blond, grey, red, and white hair colors are not affected by laser therapy. Laser treatment is not suitable for you if your hair color is blond, grey, or red as these colors don’t produce enough pigment to be affected by laser therapy. 

Permanent hair removal options for men 

Laser hair removal treatment

The laser uses light energy to reach the hair follicle and destroy the hair from the root. Laser inhibits the growth of the hairs until they stop growing back in the long term run. The results last for a considerable period of time. Laser therapy is suitable for removing the back, the chest, the stomach, shoulders, and the genital area unwanted hair regarding men. Permanent hair removal for men is easy to achieve using your own kit at home. 

Waxing for men 

Waxing for men is done by using soy waxes. You apply the wax as a creamy lotion on your skin. You can use the wax to remove the hair on the ears and neck. However, waxing is a very traditional method and yet painful. Laser treatment seems painless compared to waxes. That’s why many men shift from waxing to using personal IPL devices at home. 

Electrolysis for men

Another method to get permanent hair removal for men is electrolysis. This method carries out using an ultra-slim needle to reach the hair shaft. It delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hairs. After destroying the cells producing the hairs, no hair will grow back again. The treatment session takes 10 to 20 minutes. If your hair is thick, the session will be longer. These methods give you guaranteed results. It can be used for removing all body hair. However, it may be painful and not very safe compared to laser treatment. Also, you will need more sessions up to 15 sessions to get the desired results. Some men have sessions weekly for up to a year to achieve permanent results. That’s why laser is the best hair removal option for men. 

What about depilatories?

Here is another permanent hair removal option for men. In this method, a chemical is suspended in a gel. It targets the proteins inside the hair dissolving them making the hair loose and fall out immediately. Men use the depilatories procedure to remove the hair in the back, chest, stomach, arms, and legs. However, it is not the best hair removal option for men when it comes to sensitive areas like the genitals. The treatment sessions take from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The results last for weeks. 

Shaving For Men 

Shaving is the oldest trick in the book. Millions of men use shaving to remove unwanted hair. It is easy and suitable for all body areas. After all, it is very cheap. It softens your skin and you will feel that your skin is smooth and pure. However, shaving only cuts the hair off at the skin without affecting the roots. The hair will grow back the next day. You have to exfoliate before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs. Shaving is not suitable for all men. If your skin is very sensitive, shaving might cause redness and swelling of your skin. 

Philips Lumea For Men 

Philips Lumea is suitable for men too. Actually there is a specific new model for men. Although Philips Lumea is not suitable for men’s bread (because the bread is thick and coarse) and not suitable for the genital area. You can use Philips Lumea for other body areas. The instructions are easy and you can do laser sessions by yourself at home. There are many Philips Lumea models that are suitable for men. Also, Philips developed models to meet men’s specific needs using IPL technology. 

First, Philips launched its great product Philips Lumea IPL TT3003 which is designed for men. After Philips Lumea IPL TT3003/61 they worked on the laser for men and developed another great product. We consider  Philips Lumea BG9041 for men is the best IPL device for personal use. It will help you enjoy smooth skin thanks to the IPL technology. It works by interrupting the hair growth cycle and destroying the hair follicle within time. Philips Lumea for men is safe, effective, and gentle on the skin. 

Is Philips Lumea Safe For Men? 

Yes. you can use Philips Lumea BG9041 for arms, armpit, shoulders, abdomen, legs, chest, and back. Moreover, Philips Lumea for men is suitable for your sensitive areas (except the scrotum bag). 

Why Men Choose Philips Lumea?  

It has 250,000 shots – you can use the device for more than 300 sessions. 

Philips electric IPL device comes with a body attachment, a power supply, and a storage bag.

You can use the device worldwide as it supports 110-240 volts. Thanks to the storage bag, you can take the device with you to any place and never miss your laser hair removal session. Also, it is not only for men. Anyone who is adult and 14 years old or older can use Philips Lumea for men. It will safe your time and money. This device will give you the same results you get from laser sessions at clinics. Laser Hair Removal Safe

Can I use IPL on My Balls? 

IPL is suitable for mons pubis and the bikini line areas. However, you shouldn’t use IPL on your scrotum, anus, inguinal, and the testicular parts as these areas are very sensitive. It is safe to use IPL and laser technologies in removing hairs from other pubic area parts. 

Is Philips Lumea For Men Suitable for all skin colors? 

Philips Lumea for men works best on naturally dark-blond, brown, and back hair colors. We don’t recommend using Philips Lumea for men on red, grey, and light blond hair colors. Also, Philips Lumea is not the best option for you if your skin is very dark (type VI). It works best on hair colors from  I to V.  Philips Lumea Prestige

Do I Have To Shave Before Using Philips Lumea? 

Both men and women have to shave the area they are going to treat using Philips Lumea before the laser session. Shave before your laser session by at least 12-14 hours to avoid skin sensitivity reactions. If you don’t shave before your IPL session, the heat will destroy the hair above the skin and may cause bad odor. Also, the hair above the skin might prevent the laser from reaching the roots of the hair which are located under the skin. Freshly shaved areas are the best for getting guaranteed results. Avoid epilating or waxing by at least 5 days of your IPL treatment. It is okay to shave during your laser hair removal sessions if the hair continued to grow before your next laser session. You may need to shave once or more between your laser sessions. After finishing 5-7 sessions using Philips Lumea, you won’t need to shave first as the hair will be very fine and not seen. More About: Armpit Laser Hair Removal [Ultimate Guide]

Does IPL Really Work? 

As IPL technology is developed by expert dermatologists, it is very effective and gentle on the skin. If you want to achieve real results, you have to be patient. 

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Permanent hair removal for men using IPL and laser treatments is the best choice for every man. It is not a female thing anymore. The hair removal industry is growing fast nowadays. Not only women but also men are very keen to use methods that give long-lasting results. If your body hair is growing out of control, it is the right time to try laser and IPL personal kits. They will offer you the best solution for unwanted hair. Philips Lumea for men is much better than shaving. The results are smoother than a blade as you are eliminating the hairs before they appear on the skin. repeating your treatment every 2 weeks will give you the desired results. Try to keep on schedule as much as you can to get the best results. 

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