laser hair removal safe

Laser Hair Removal Safe

Is laser hair removal safe? What are the risks and side effects? Q&A about laser hair removal treatments and Philips Lumea Safety.

For most women today, using laser therapy is the best way to get smooth, hairless skin. The average cost of a laser session is about $300. It may be higher or lower depending on the area being treated. Philips lumea IPL kits are for personal use. Once you purchase the kit, you won’t need to spend more money on skincare and shaving creams.

Can Laser Hair Removal Give You Cancer?

In short, laser hair removal and philips lumea don’t cause cancer and there is no evidence -till now- about that. The light used during laser session is superficial. It doesn’t cause DNA damage or DNA mutations. The light pulses heat the hair follicles and destroy them. Although some women get redness and swelling in the treated area, such a minor side effect doesn’t last for a long time. In other words, laser light doesn’t penetrate beyond the depth of the hair follicles. It doesn’t affect the internal organs by any means. Although some women continue to be concerned about using laser therapy on their reproductive organs.

In terms of cancer risk, X-ray and gamma rays are the most dangerous light on the skin. They are called high-frequency ionizing radiation. Although both types are from natural light sources such as radon, you shouldn’t use them for large skin areas in a short time. They are used in CT scans and some tests. Consult your doctor first about the direct damaged caused by X-ray and gamma rays to your DNA and how to avoid such problems. Until today, no researches are showing that light energy might cause cancer. The possible side effects are redness, scarring and skin pigmentation. 

How Permanent Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal results last for a long time. on average, the results last for 3-6 months after finishing your treatment plan. However, you need to maintain your results by having a laser hair removal session each month. You won’t need that after a while. Most people get their desired goals after 4-6 sessions. You may need touch-ups every year or every two years to remove the stubborn strays that might grow back within the time. To get better results, we recommend shaving a day or two days before your laser session. Don’t wax before your session.

In general, laser therapy is a long-lasting form of laser hair removal. It destroys the hair follicle effectively in most cases but the hair might grow back and may not be destroyed during your laser procedure. That’s why may doctors today describe laser therapy as a long-term hair removal method rather than permanent hair removal. The only FDA approved permanent method is electrolysis.

As the hair may regrow again, it is possible to treat the areas again. So people who want to remove their full-body unwanted hair may need more than one treatment session. Are some cases, height might be thin, short or hard to be treated, these factors affect your laser hair removal treatment duration.

Philips Lumea Kits For Safe Laser Therapy

Philips lumea laser hair removal safe kits for all beautiful women. Philips lumea reviews are motivating for every beautiful woman. They are effective and easy to use providing perfect laser hair removal experience. Philips models use IPL technology to remove the hair from the roots. We are going to discuss the best Philips Lumea models on the market.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

philips lumea BRI956


You can use Philips BRI956 anywhere. With the corded and cordless design, you can use Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 with full control. It comes with a detailed user manual to help you decide the right treatment plan for your skin tone and hair color.


  • More than 250,000 flashes
  • Can be used corded and cordless
  • Up to 92% hair reduction
  • Fast procedure
  • Comes with bikini, armpit, body and face attachments
  • Cost-effective choice


  • None! Women Love everything about Philips BRI956

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

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An economic choice for removing unwanted hair forever. The results of Philips lumea prestige BRI954 is very similar to Philips Lumea BRI956. The difference between them is the attachments. Also, Philips lumea Prestige BRI954 doesn’t come with a bikini and an underarm attachment. You can use both for full body laser hair removal. 

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953

From Amazon US

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It is similar to the previous model of Philips lumea. Both are effective on dark skin and come with smart skin tone sensor. It has many positive reviews, we are sure you will love to use it!

  • Same as Philips lumea prestige BRI954


  • Doesn’t come with bikini and armpit attachments

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI949


Philips Lumea Prestige BRI949 comes with 5 intensity levels and all necessary safety features. It is gentle on the skin thanks to the elegant gun-shaped design. Philips Lumea application will help you understand how to use it depending on your skin tone and hair color.

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00


From Saudi Arabia

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998 is ideal for removing unwanted hair in a short time. Press the device against your skin. You will find that the back of the kit telling you the device is ready to use. This way it will protect you from burns and sensitivity reactions.


  • Body, Bikini And Face Attachment
  • Comes with storing case, cleaning cloth and user manual
  • Lightweight and easy to hold the device
  • Suitable for treating small and large areas
  • Gun shape elegant design
  • >250,000 lamp flashes
  • Extra-long cord


  • Only works corded 

Philips Lumea Essential BRI863/70

philips lumea models

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From Saudi Arabia

Philips Lumea Essential BRI863 is safe to use on most skin tones and hair colors. They are fast and the results last for a long time. All women who tried Philips lumea BRI863 got impressed with their results.


  • Great economic choice
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Philips lumea IPL essential kit, and storing case
  • Comes with detailed user manual to help you find the right device for you
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting results
  • Up to 80% hair reduction after first sessions


Philips lumea IPL essential quickly heats up during long time sessions

What Are The Negatives Of Laser Hair Removal?

The negatives of professional treatment are higher than using your own kit. This happens if the technician is not trained enough and doesn’t know how to use the professional hair removal machine. The risks might happen involves redness, scarring, and discoloration of the treated area. If the laser light is very intense to you, tell the technician to adjust the settings until you feel no pain.

Using ice after the treatment session will cool down your skin and will help soothe the irritation. You can use Aleve or Ibuprofen to decrease the pain and the redness. Don’t use Tylenol. If the redness persists for more than a few hours, consult your dermatologist to avoid any skin problems. See available Philips lumea models.

Here is a video for DR.OZ showing why Laser hair removal is safe

Side Effect And Risks Of Laser Hair Removal

During your treatment session, you might experience burning or discomfort. These IPL hair removal side effects are normal. If that happens, apply soothing cream before your session. Test the numbing cream first to make sure that you are not sensitive to it.

  • Minor side effects are common, and may include:
  • Skin pigmentation, the skin might appear lighter or darker after the procedure. This is usually a temporary side effect
  • Skin swelling
  • Blistering or crusting of the skin
  • laser hair removal side effects don’t include cancer.

When should I see a doctor?

In some cases, irritation related to hair removal might cause scarring. Damaged skin is more liable to get an infection. In rare cases, skin infection might spread to other skin areas. You need to tell your doctor your detailed medical record and discuss the risks and benefits of having high-quality laser treatment. High-quality devices reduce the risks of getting serious skin reactions and side effects. After your laser hair removal session, you should avoid sun exposure. The sunlight might cause skin irritation and increase the risks of blisters and scarring. Philips Lumea side effects don’t happen if you used the kit in the right way. More about: laser hair removal at home.

laser hair removal safe philips

Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Laser Hair Removal?

No. laser doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker. However, you need to shave your body first before your laser session to maximize the results. Areas like your face and your back contain a mixture of thick hair and peach fuzz. When shaving, the peach fuzz will also be shaved. This type of hair might grow back thicker during the first hair removal sessions. The fine hairs which were hard to be seen are darker and faster to grow. This creates an illusion for many laser hair removal beginners. This condition is relatively new and relatively rare. After finishing your treatment plan, all the hair will be removed including the peach fuzz. You can’t say that laser therapy is not working for you after the first session. Continue your treatment plan and you will see the desired results if you are using a high-performance laser hair removal kit.

Is Philips Lumea Safe? 

Philips company cares about the safety of their customers. That’s why Philips Lumea models are tested by dermatologists first to make sure that it is safe to use at home without supervision. As you know, Philips Lumea models use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) derived from professional IPL machines. It is effective in removing unwanted hair without causing pain. The skincare experts put their effort to develop IPL technology for personal use. For more than 12 years, they had been searching and developing Philips Lumea to enjoy the new models we see today. 

Philips Lumea Models are safe thanks to: 

  • The device doesn’t flash if it is not put on the skin. This protects your eyes from the laser. The device must be in full contact with the skin to work. 
  • All attachments have UV filters to protect you from any effects and make sure that the light is only targeting the skin. If your skin is not suitable for the treatment or not compatible with the light used, the skin color sensor prevents Philips Lumea from flashing. 

Philips laser hair removal side effects 

Philips Lumea side effects are minor and only happen if you used the kit in a wrong way. 

  • Skin redness or feeling warm. This side effect disappears within an hour. 
  • You might feel itching or drying after the treatment. If that happened, put ice or a wet cloth on the area. You can also use a non-scented moisturizer if that persists.


Now you know that laser hair removal safe and effective kits for most skin types. It is safer to use a personal hair removal kit because the light used is less intense. See the best Philips Lumea IPL hair removal reviews. All are based on real customers through online shopping. You can also see our full review of Philips Lumea BRI956: the best laser hair removal kit on the market! check also, laser hair removal for men.


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