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Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Laser hair removal reviews: prices, pros, cons and new advanced technology for full-body silky smooth skin.

Did you notice that the hair grow back after shaving on the next day? And waxing cause skin inflammation and pain, a better hair removal options are available today. Both IPL and laser are popular today. They are the best ways to enjoy smooth, hairless skin permanently.

Which Laser Hair Removal Machine Is The Best?

Philips Lumea is the best laser hair removal device (1# choice for women worldwide) according to women reviews, Philips Lumea models have the highest rate among laser devices. The device is very effective. Most people get real results after only 2-4 sessions. We recommend trying Philips Lumea BRI956 for getting the luxurious experience you dream of. It has lightweight, suitable for blond, brown and dark hairs. Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 uses Philips IPL technology which is derived from IPL professional devices but in lower energy to be more safe on skin. IPL technology target the roots of the hair which contain high pigment. The roots absorb the light generated by the device, their temperature gets higher and then the hair stop growing.

Philips lumea Prestige can be used corded and cordless. Also, laser hair removal reviews for this device are motivating. The results are real as it is the latest device launched on the market. Philips Lumea has around 7 kits available on the market. The differences between them are the attachments, number of flashes and other extra features. All of them come with large number of flashes: more than 200,000 flashes. The price may be higher or lower according to the features and the benefits of the model. Philips lumea models give the same efficiency in removing unwanted hair (expect small devices might not very effective as the light used has low energy). You will find detailed IPL hair removal reviews of best home laser kits. 

Philips Lumea Prestige

philips lumea BRI956


Our experts read laser hair removal reviews and found that Philips Lumea Prestige series is the most advanced way to remove hair without pain. Here are the main advantages of Philips Lumea Prestige: 


Philips Lumea Prestige models have a high impact on a wide range of skin and hair colors. They use ipl technology which is faster than laser in removing unwanted hair. They are suitable for it treats White, blond, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown skin tones. From Philips Lumea prestige review: ‘I use Philips Lumea twice every month to maintain my results, it works. I can’t believe I have a hair-free body now. It is very safe to use Philips Lumea BRI956 as the light only flash when the device is pressed against the skin. It is safe to apply Philips Lumea IPL treatment anywhere but make sure you are not directing it towards your eyes. Most people get up to 75% hair reduction after only 4-5 treatment. you should consider using Philips Lumea devices if you want to have at-clinics results without paying much money. See more about Philips Lumea Prestige models.

Is Laser Hair Removal Really Effective?

Laser hair removal reduces the number of hair within time. You will find that your body hair grows thinner and fewer after every successful treatment. You have to complete your treatment plan to get effective sessions.

Laser hair removal devices work fast removing your legs, back, underarms and bikini line unwanted hair. It can also remove your face and stomach hair. In other words, you can use laser hair removal anywhere. Laser therapy is not as painful as waxing and not light like shaving. Most people don’t need any analgesic medications during the treatment. The technician might use ice to help numb the treatment area before and after your treatment session. As the hair regrow is fewer and easier to remove, you won’t feel any pain during your treatment progress. Philips Lumea advanced vs prestige: which is better?

Is Laser Hair Removal Bad For You?

The majority of laser hair removal reviews tell us it is safe and well-tolerated. Laser treatment doesn’t cause serious side effects. However, some people might get temporary side effects after laser therapy. This happens because the laser at clinics has a high energy level, which might cause inflammation and redness. It is always better to test laser therapy on a small patch before starting your treatment.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

While waxing, shaving and using an epilator don’t stop unwanted hair from growing back in a short time, laser hair removal is different. Laser therapy focuses on targeting hair follicles under the skin. However, not all the hair is in the same stage during the session. Laser hair removal reviews show that people need around 3-4 sessions to get remarkable progress. Maintaining the laser hair removal treatment is important to achieve the perfect results. The more difference in the color of the hair and the skin, the faster is the treatment. People who have fair skin and blonde hair need more sessions compared to people who have fair skin and black hair. Laser hair removal is not very effective on blond and gray hair colors. The cost of laser treatment might cost you around $500 to $1,000. Alternatively, you can try laser at-home hair removal devices. They are as effective as a professional treatment but safer on sensitive skin. Stay away from direct sun exposure before and after your treatment. home laser hair removal reviews are encouraging as a lot of women use laser at home and don’t need to visit clinics. 

Avoid tanning or medications that cause skin reactions before and after laser hair removal, as the skin is more sensitive to light. Don’t use laser devices while taking vitamin-c or applying retinol creams.  Ask your doctor about your medications and the best hair removal methods for you. Is laser hair removal safe? find out the answer.


Laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted hair. While laser therapy at clinics is very expensive, you can get the same results at home by using laser at-home devices. Online IPL laser hair removal reviews love Philips Lumea BRI956. With 250,000 flashes and a smart skin sensor, you can use it anywhere. See our full laser hair removal reviews of Philips Lumea models to choose the right one for you. If you want to learn more about laser hair removal models you can see the full guide of top-selling Philips Lumea models.

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