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Laser Hair Removal Legs Cost

Laser hair removal legs cost is totally worth it. You don’t have to spend your money on waxing, shaving, and trimming.

Legs hair grows back fast. That’s why many women think of getting rid of unwanted hair forever. Laser Kits from Philips Lumea guarantee body hair will be gone for life. But one big question ladies ask themselves. Which is, How much does laser hair removal cost? We will discuss everything about available options for legs hair removal and best personal kits for results that last.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Legs Cost?

Laser hair removal legs cost is around $600 to $900 as they are large areas. You need more sessions to get the desired results for large areas. IPL technology is better than laser for large areas such as legs. Small areas only cost around $250 per session.

The best alternative option is using personal kits for hair removal. They will give you the same results as professional kits. Moreover, the light used is gentle on the skin. You won’t get skin pigmentation problems or burns like that might happen because of the professional laser. If you are thinking about having legs hair removal for life, you should consider getting your own IPL kit. Philips lumea kits are designed for legs, arms, bikini line, face and mostly all body areas hair removal. See our full reviews of best Philips lumea models.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Legs?

Yes. Laser therapy is effective on legs. You will need 4 to 8 sessions to get the perfect results. Imagine being able to cut your shower time half. Philips Lumea kits will help you save money and time. You have to get a laser hair removal kit from a trusted name to guarantee the results. Imagine never having to pack the razor for your weekends. Your legs will look hair-free and perfect all the time. Getting laser hair removal on legs will save you much time, you are saving 1 hour weekly of shaving, which is more than 55 hours every year! It is not just about being pretty and healthy, it is a cost-effective way compared to waxing, shaving and tweezing.

How Does Laser Work?

The laser is effective in removing unwanted hair. However, you need enough time to get the perfect hair removal results. Most laser treatment plans are for 4 to 8 sessions, which are a month or two months. Be patient and wait for the satisfying results to perfectly get hair removal for legs, back, bikini and arms. At first, you will notice that the hair grow back thinner and lighter. After enough time, your body hair will stop growing back for life. The results are impressive and they will motivate you to complete your laser hair removal cost. Laser hair removal is effective on dark skin more than light skin. However, IPL kits are amazing for most skin types. we recommend trying Philips lumea kits. Women love them, we are sure you will do too!

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed For Legs?

The number of hair removal sessions varies according to your legs area and the number of hairs being removed. Most people need from 5 to 10 laser sessions. Also, laser hair removal legs cost is affected by the quality of the salon, and the practitioner skill. Areas with coarse dark hair like the lower legs are more affected by laser hair removal. This means you will get faster results for your lower legs areas.Read more on Full Body laser hair removal

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last On Legs?

For removing your legs unwanted hair you will need from an hour to two hours at first. That’s because the legs areas are large. Other areas such as your upper lips only need a few minutes! Don’t worry, the duration of laser session will be shorter after each treatment. You will be impressed by your results after 4 to 6 sessions. Most people get 70% to 80% of hair reductions after first hair removal sessions.

How Long Does It Take For Hair To Fall Out After Laser?

It takes from 10 to 14 days to shed the treated hair follicles. The laser light burns the roots of the hair during a certain stage of the hair growth cycle. After your laser hair removal session, the hair will fall out gradually within a month. It is very important to pick a treatment plan and make sure you are not missing your laser hair removal sessions to get the best outcomes from your treatment. Usually, for professional hair removal at clinics, you need to have a laser session every 4 to 6 weeks. Laser at-home kits are suitable for applying laser every 2 or 3 weeks. We don’t recommend having laser hair removal weekly to protect your skin from any sensitivity reactions.

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What are the factors that will impact the results?

There is a lot of factors that you may need to take into consideration that will affect how many sessions I am going to need to get my leg hair removed. The first and most important factor is skin color. Laser hair removal is known to work much better on light skin color than the dark skin also hair color is another important factor people with dark hair color laser works better for them than people with light hair color, thus people with dark skin or blonde hair may need more sessions in average than others.

Other factors may include hormones, direct sunlight exposure, medications such as antibiotics or birth control pills, and the normal rate of hair growth in the body for the person.

It’s also important to follow the given instructions between sessions. Failure of doing that and interference by either waxing or shaving may reduce the effectiveness of the next session. And that will lead to more sessions to get the perfect results.

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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal is one of the safest ways of getting silky-smooth skin. The side effects are usually minor and don’t happen to most people. Here are some of the side effects that might happen during your treatment plan:

Redness and Irritation

The laser causes damage to the hair follicles under the skin. The body reacts to such reactions. Your skin might feel tender or swelling after laser treatment. This redness is a short-term situation. The redness or the irritation is more like waxing temporary side effects. Some dermatologists suggest using a topical anesthetic after your treatment to reduce the skin inflammation.


Crusting doesn’t happen to all people who try laser treatment too. It is a minor side effect but might make you discomfort. We recommend using a moisturizer to let the skin heal faster and reduce the irritation.

Skin Pigmentation

Changes in your skin colors might happen after laser treatment. The skin might appear darker or lighter in color. If you have darker skin, the skin color change might be lighter. If you have lighter skin, the skin color change might be darker. Don’t worry about the changes in your skin color. They tend to fade away after only a few hours. Your skin turns to normal during the same day or the next day.

Skin Infection

Like other cosmetic hair removal methods, causing damage to the hair follicles might cause skin infection. You have to consult your doctor after the best treatment options for your skin infection. It is like a wound during the healing process. Don’t ever apply antibiotic creams or ointments on large skin areas.

Eye Injury

As the laser hair removal procedure involves the use of light, there is a risk of getting eye injury during the treatment. It doesn’t happen in usual cases, but you should wear protective eye to prevent any possible injuries during your procedure.

In general, laser hair removal side effects are more likely to happen after laser treatment at clinics. Your skin might appear lighter or darker after your laser session. To minimize laser hair removal side effects, you can switch to laser at-home hair removal options. The light used for personal hair removal is lighter on the skin. Philips lumea Kits for home use are the best kits for removing unwanted hair for life. Read more about best Philips Lumea Models.

Rare Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

There are side effects that don’t happen to most people who use laser therapy such as:

Burns and Blisters:

There is a risk of getting burnt in rare cases because of laser therapy. It is very important to make sure that the practitioner is qualified for doing laser procedure. Laser therapy uses high-heat lasers to remove unwanted hair.


Scars don’t happen to most people. It is very important to avoid sunburns after your laser therapy session. Scars must be treated immediately after the session to make sure that they won’t persist for a long time. keep the skin moisturized after your laser session. Also, it is important to check regularly for any signs of skin infections to avoid complications.

Laser Hair Removal For Legs During Pregnancy

Experts don’t recommend using laser hair removal or applying it during your pregnancy. It is not tested yet if it is safe to use laser therapy during your pregnancy or not. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes to your body. This might cause excessive hair growth in unwanted places. While it is annoying to experience such a thing, don’t use a laser during pregnancy on your own. Usually, these symptoms go away quickly after your pregnancy. If the hairs don’t go away after giving birth, consult your doctor. He may advice using laser hair removal kits after your pregnancy. Some doctors advice to wait for a few weeks after giving birth before having laser therapy.

Myths About Laser Hair Removal

There are many stories about laser without any proven on them. Here are the most common myths about laser therapy:

Laser Hair Removal For Legs Might Cause Cancer

This is not true by any means. Laser hair removal for legs and any other parts doesn’t cause cancer. The laser is designed to target the hair follicles under your skin epidermis layer. A small amount of radiation passes to your skin but this is not harmful. Till now, there is no evidence that laser might cause skin cancer.

Laser Treatment Causes infertility

Laser hair removal for legs and bikini line doesn’t cause infertility. Laser light doesn’t reach any internal organs or your private parts. It is safe to use it without worrying about such a thing.

Philips Lumea Kits For Hair Removal

Philips lumea kits are as effective as professional kits. Philips lumea kits will give you the same results at reasonable prices. The technology used is IPL technology. It reduces hair growth using the same technique as IPL professional machines. Philips lumea models are safe. You can use them for large skin areas such as your legs and your back. Philips lumea kits come with all necessary attachments and extra attachments for removing unwanted hair.

Philips Lumea Models:

Here are best Philips lumea kits, trusted versions for full-body hair removal:

1. Philips Lumea Prestige

  • Lumea Prestige BRI956
  • Lumea Prestige BRI954
  • Lumea Prestige BRI953

2. Philips Lumea Advanced

  • Lumea Advanced SC1998/00

3. Philips Lumea Essential

  • Lumea essential BRI863/70

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

philips lumea BRI956


It is the most powerful kit from Philips. You can use it on bikini, body and face hair removal. It has all the necessary features for perfect hair removal at home like professionals.


  • Philips lumea BRI956 is effective on legs, arms and bikini line.
  • Comes with 5 energy settings and more than 250,000 lamp flashes for life usage.
  •  It is FDA approved and recommended by dermatologists for hair removal. Use it for laser hair removal at affordable cost
  • Philips’ best choice and it is the top-selling in all retailers
  • Works corded and cordless. This allows you to better control your treatment session
  • Comes with a long cord
  • More than 20 years of lifetime
  • Up to 92% hair reduction
  • Affordable price without any extra costs
  • Fast hair removal. The laser session maybe minutes or an hour depending on the area you are going to treat


None! We love everything about Philips Lumea BRI956

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

From Amazon UK (41% off)

From Amazon France

From Amazon Germany

From Saudi Arabia

Another effective IPL kit from Philips Lumea. It is an economic choice, the laser hair removal legs cost at clinics is higher than BRI954 model price. moreover, you can use this kit for full body hair removal and not just your legs. Although Philips lumea BRI954 doesn’t come with a bikini and underarm attachments, you can still use it on most body areas including these parts. Check laser hair removal for men laser kit.


  • More than 200,000 flashes
  • Comes with body and face attachments
  • Comes with a skin tone sensor
  • From a trusted brand with 2 years manufacturer guarantee
  • Results last for a long time


Doesn’t come with bikini or underarm attachments


Philips Lumea BRI954 is amazing for hair removal everywhere. Online reviews and real users love this model! It will help you get rid of all unwanted hair safely and effectively. Use this kit on white, blond, light brown and medium brown skin tones without any side effects or burns. It is safe to use Philips lumea BRI954 on most skin types. We don’t recommend using Philips lumea prestige if your skin color is brownish-black skin tone, nor red, light-blond or if your hair color is grey or white.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953

From Amazon US

From Amazon UK

From Saudi Arabia

Philips Lumea BRI953 is very similar to the previous model “Philips lumea BRI954”. Both models come with body and face attachments designed especially for these areas of your body. Philips lumea Prestige BRI953 works on dark and light skin. Additionally, if your skin is too dark, you can still use Philips Lumea BRI953 without any worries about getting scars or skin burns. All Philips Lumea models test the laser on the skin automatically. If the laser is not compatible with the skin color and hair color, the kit stop emitting impulses automatically. Buy Philips Lumea BRI953 from Amazon now.


  • The same pros of Philips lumea BRI954


  • Does not come with bikini and underarm attachments (you can still use the kit for bikini and underarm hair removal).

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI949


A great model from Philips with 4 attachments. You can use it for laser hair removal legs at the cheap cost compared to laser at clinics. As the kit works on small and large areas, you can use it anywhere.


  • Easy to use
  • Up to 92% hair reduction
  • 5 energy settings
  • Effective on most skin types
  • Comes with face, body, bikini and armpit attachments
  • Automatic skin type determination
  • Special edition with satin compact correction trimmer

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00


From Saudi Arabia

This model is very famous for hair removal. It also comes with 5 energy settings and all protective features to prevent skin burns. You can change the light energy by just a press or let the device choose the safest and the most effective laser for your skin. Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998 is very precise in targeting the hair follicles without affecting the skin itself.


  • Comes with Bikini, Face and Body Attachment
  • Comes with a storing case, a cleaning cloth, and a detailed user guide
  • Lightweight kit
  • Effective on treating small and large areas
  • Gun shaped kit
  • Easy to hold
  • >250,000 lamp flashes
  • Very long cord


  • None! Women Love everything about Philips Lumea Advanced 1998.

You can use this kit from Philips at home safely. According to Fitzpatrick’s skin standards from I to IV, you can use Philips Lumea advanced 1998 on light and medium skin colors. It will give you the best laser experience. You can use it for 4 treatment and we are sure that you will get amazing results! get this model to make sure that your body looks perfect all around the clock. Check laser hair removal reviews now.

Philips Lumea Essential BRI863/70

philips lumea models

Check Price on Amazon

From Saudi Arabia

If you are searching for a hair removal option that is safe and effective at the same time, you don’t need to look longer. This kit is fast on hair removal and the results will last for a long period. All Women who tried this model got obsessed for using it for full body hair removal. Once you see real results, you will have a strong desire to get the permanent hair-feel touch. It doesn’t cause pain during your treatment session as the laser used is very gentle. Philips lumea essential BRI863 comes with an integrated UV filter, power adapter and travel storing case. You can take it with you anywhere so you can make sure that you are not missing your treatment session.


  • Flexible plans for hair removal thanks to the user manual
  • Integrated UV filter for safety
  • Comes with a user guide
  • Amazing quality
  • Safe to use
  • The results are real and impressive!
  • Prevents hair growth and protects your skin at the same time


  • This kit heats up in a short time of usage.

It is not a big problem as most sessions are short. For long sessions and for full body hair removal you can turn off the device and rest during the cool-down period.

From the first time you see Philips lumea essential, you will fall in love with its amazing features and high-quality building. With 200,000 flashes and large treatment window, you can remove all your legs unwanted hair in less than one hour, isn’t amazing?!

Get Philips Lumea Essential to make sure that your body looks beautiful and clean. No need to hide your beauty under clothes anymore!

How To Use Philips Lumea Kits On Your Legs?

You can use Philips Lumea Kits on your legs easily. For determining the right settings for your skin you can choose the laser settings manually or let the kit recommend the best laser settings for your skin color and hair color. You can use Philips lumea for legs and other parts hair removal at home following these simple steps:

  1. Shave your legs or epilate before using Philips lumea. Avoid direct sun exposure before and after your laser sessions by at least two weeks.
  2. Select the right energy settings depending on your skin tone and hair type. Philips lumea models come with many attachments. Each one is designed for certain body areas. You can use any attachment on most skin areas. Choose the right attachment as determined on the user manual in order to make sure that the light is gentle and effective for the area you are treating.
  3. Press the kit against your skin vertical at 90 degrees. When the kit flashes, start your treatment.
  4. Slowly move Philips lumea on your skin and continue pressing the flash button. It is important not to flash the same area twice during your laser session.
  5. To get the desired results, make sure you complete 3 to 5 sessions of hair removal of your treatment plan. Many women use Philips lumea kits every two or three weeks according to their free time and their skin tone.


Laser hair removal results after 3 sessions are amazing. We all want sleek, long legs that you can show without being embarrassed. You don’t need to shave or wax every day thanks to the laser treatment. the idea of long legs makes temporary hair removal options not practical. Use Philips Lumea kits to enjoy permanent hair growth reduction in most of your body areas. 
Tell us more about your experience with Philips lumea and the results below in the comments or the feedback. Shop Philips Lumea Models now and see their detailed reviews. 


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