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Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair Efficiency & Safety

Body hair removal techniques used to put all ladies in trouble, but nowadays it has become much easier since laser hair removal is safer, less painful, and more permanent than other methods such as waxing, plucking, shaving, and electrolysis. For blonde ladies, this method was said to be not suitable or efficient. This statement was previously true, but now it is not.

How laser hair removal works?

First of all, knowing how Laser hair reduction works is very important. Laser waves target the hair follicle with a high-intensity beam, and destroy it. That permanently removes the hair, thus preserving the underlying tissue. Laser hair removal typically decreases the number of body hairs in the treated area. Some people may be experiencing re-growth, never less.

Why laser used to fail to remove blonde body hair?

Initially, what attracts the laser’s heat source to the hair follicle is the pigment (intensity of the hair color). That is, a darker hair will draw more of a laser than a lighter one. The thing is, blonde hair doesn’t have enough pigmentation to attract heat from the laser which makes it difficult for traditional laser hair removal equipment to be reliable for pale skin when projected on blonde or even gray hair. Also, the hair and skin colors should also be dramatically distinguished; the laser has no problem identifying the hair follicle and effectively attacking it as long as this contrast occurs, and vice-versa.

Why laser hair removal for light skin & blonde hair now actually works?

As we all know, technology is developing very fast day after day, and one of its new gifts to us is that we are currently offering in the market specially developed lasers that are proven to be effective in removing unwanted hair for women who are fairly skinned and blonde. Now the Alexandrite Laser operates at a higher intensity than conventional lasers until you experience complete hair removal.

Not just that, but there are other older laser devices, such as the Nd: YAG laser, which can also remove light-colored hair without even needing to dye it. That is because the Nd: YAG laser has a longer range, and is extremely sensitive to both color and melanin. Consequently, it can penetrate hair follicles more precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser Hair Removal Before And After

What to expect -as a blonde- from laser hair removal treatment?

Patients with blonde hair are typically susceptible to the same risks and side effects as the other patients. Because of this, patients with blonde hair should be so prudent while researching methods for hair removal. It is essential to talk to your doctor or dermatologist or even a professional hair removal provider before undergoing treatment and to ensure that they select the best laser for hair removal that fits your hair color and skin to guarantee the success of the treatment session.

Laser hair removal has really become a popular trend in the cosmetic world. If you have been considering this for removing your unwanted hair, then you are not alone. Laser hair removal used to really only be ideal for people who had lighter complexions, with darker colored hair. The good news is that this not really the case anymore. The industry has made a lot of advances over time, so it is really something that is used with people of all different hair colors and skin pigmentations.

If you have blonde hair, you may have heard that laser hair removal is not a viable option for getting rid of unwanted hair. The truth is, this is not necessarily true. While lighter hair does make it a bit more difficult for the lasers to work effectively, the lasers have really come a long way from where they used to be. It is important to understand that not all electrolysis centers will have access to the right laser machines for people with blonde hair. Laser At Home Hair Removal

Differentiating Between Types of Hair in Terms of Laser Hair Removal

Most people have fine hair that covers the entire body, including the ears. The only places you can’t find these hairs are on your hands’ palms, and your feet’s bottoms. These hairs do not respond to electrolysis, meaning the laser hair removal will not succeed in removing them. Laser hair removal is optimized for the finer hairs found on your scalp, under your arms, thighs, and bikini area. These are the hairs that electrolysis can target.

The Basics of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal isn’t simply a simple treatment that zaps your hair and automatically gets rid of them. Actually, it works by targeting follicles in your hair. The laser beam ultimately heats up the hair follicle, and directly destroys the hair from it. This actually kills the hair follicle and subsequently it will fall out on its own. Never try then to pluck the follicles. You want the hair to come out naturally on their own.

There is pigmentation in the follicles and the darker the pigmentation, 

the easier it is for the laser to target the follicle. Darker hair color does not require as much strength behind the laser beam, as it is easily absorbed into the pigment. Lighter hair requires the beam to run at a higher frequency which can be dangerous unless the technician knows what they are doing.

The Risks of Laser Hair Removal for Blonde Hair

While laser hair removal can be potentially hazardous to those with blonde hair, if you’ve done it right, it really isn’t as risky. You need to make sure you got a professional doing it. Make sure they have had a fair deal of experience handling blonde hair. That can dramatically reduce the potential for risks. There is a very big chance that you won’t feel any of these possible side effects, so just in case it is a smart thing to be conscious of them.

The actual Laser treatment session can be a bit painful. It provides a slight sensation of stinging on the skin. Apart from some pain, the procedure may also cause some irritation to the skin. It can make some of your skin swell, and may even cause some redness and slight bruising. This applies particularly if you have sensitive skin. However, the good thing is that this in 90% of the patients goes away within just a few hours after having the treatment done.

You may also note certain side effects, such as a variation in the skin’s color or texture, or even a possible scarring. The problem is that since the lasers must run at a higher frequency to target the blonde hairs, they may actually be more likely to cause after the procedure to scar or blister.

Consider having a test patch treated just to get a better idea and to find out how your skin will react to laser hair removal. This will let you know if you’re an ideal laser hair remover candidate or not.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Remember also that the laser hair removal is not a one-time thing. If you want to keep up with the results you need treatments to continue. Within just a few days after the first treatment, in the treated region, you will find a pretty drastic change in the amount after hair but it certainly won’t be silky smooth. Several sessions will take you to find yourself wherever you want.

You’ll also need to ensure you keep the results you have achieved. As your hair grows in different cycles, you’ll need to space out the treatments on time. At first, they are recommended to be spaced about six weeks apart. Once you’ve got the areas where you want them to be, you can hold off and go in just about every few months to keep it up. Philips Lumea Models

Is Laser Hair Removal for Blonde Hair More Expensive?

Chances are you’ll have to pay a little extra for the treatment if you like laser hair removal and have light-colored or blonde hair. This is simply because it is much more specialized and requires a special laser machine type. While laser hair removal is affordable, it can cost people with lighter hair or darker complexions a little more.

As you can see, laser hair removal for blonde hair is not necessarily impossible to be done. There are just a few things that you need to put in your consideration before determining if it is right for you.

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