laser hair removal face

Laser Hair Removal Face

Laser hair removal fact: cost, safety, best options and what are side effects that might happen during your laser hair removal sessions?

Shaving, waxing, and laser are not practical options for hair removal today. Laser hair removal on the face doesn’t have to be expensive. Many personal kits come with face attachment to deliver the best experience. Philips Lumea for face is a great choice as it comes with especial face head to provide precise treatment unlike many other at-home laser machines.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Face?

Laser therapy uses concentrated light to remove unwanted hair from the targeted areas. The light used is called photo-thermolysis. The heat is absorbed by pigment or melanin which cause damage to the root of the hair. You will notice a reduction in hair growth in the future. The higher the amount of melanin in hair, the more light you will need to get the desired results.

What Are The Side Effects of Laser Treatment on Face?

Laser hair removal on face side effects is rare. In general, they are minor and don’t last for a long time. The majority of people who tried laser found it safe on the face. You should test the laser on your skin before start using it on large batches to make sure that it is suitable for your skin. Also, it is important to make sure that the doctor or the technician is qualified to do the laser procedure. Using professional laser hair removal devices need training. At the same time, using personal kits at home is safe on your skin. The light beam used in at-home laser kits is lower than the light used at clinics. In other words, it is safer to use personal kits if you are worried about the intensity of the light and the inflammation reactions.

As the laser causes damage to the hair follicles, the body reacts to this. That’s why minor side effects like redness and irritation happen to people who have sensitive skin. The possibility of hair growing back is low if you are maintaining your results. Some people need maintenance during the first year which is totally worth it.

Which Laser Is Best For Facial Hair Removal?

Philips Lumea Prestige is the best version of Philips lumea. Many of Philips lumea prestige models are FDA-approved and doctor recommended. You will get amazing results after only 3-4 treatments, once every two weeks for best results. there are many benefits of using Philips lumea devices such as:

  • Lifelong product – a long lifetime for more than 20 years.
  • High-performance lamp – as it comes with 250,000 to deliver the best experience
  • Effective treatment – it is suitable for most skin types including White, blond, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown skin tones. However, it is not effective on brownish-black skin tone, nor red, light-blond, and grey/white hair. See the user manual to understand more the treatment plans for each skin tone and hair color
  • Safe procedure – it uses a smart skin sensor.
  • Affordable price – a cheap option compared to increasing prices at clinics

How the Philips Lumea for Face Work

Philips Lumea for face works by targeting the melanin pigment in the hair and follicles. The dye in the hair and follicles absorbs the laser and turns it into heat. Then the heat, in turn, damages these cells and other cells called “hair-producing cells”. Thus, laser facial hair removal is permanently performed.

Is Using Philips Lumea on the Face  Safe?

If you want to buy a home laser device for use on the face only or for the face and body, you must first make sure that it is documented by the World Health and Drug Organization. In this case, the Philips Lumea for face is the ideal device. It works with the intense pulse light technology documented by the World Health Organization.

In general, using a device equipped with safety technologies – such as the Philips Lumea for face – will help you get excellent results safely. The secret to avoiding the side effects of the laser is to follow the instructions properly. You should also consult your doctor in the event that you are treating acne or using a skin scrub, to find out the best time to start using a home laser device.

Why Choose the Philps Lumea Devices

  • Saving money

When you get a home laser a Philips Lumea facial hair removal device, you will not need any other expenses anymore. No charges for shavers, sweetness, or “waxes”, not even for creams.

  • Low cost

Home laser facial hair removal in clinics can be very expensive. As for the home Philips Lumea hair removal device, it is cheap and you will not pay any other expenses after you buy the device.

  • Durability

The best home laser hair removal device (like the Philips Lumea) will last for almost 15 years.

  • Permanent results

Thanks to laser facial hair removal, the period of hair loss ranges between 2-3 months, up to 90%. The results may last up to 6 months, with a reduction in hair rate of more than 50%, based on some research.

  • Quick and guaranteed ​​ results

You will notice the results in a decrease in the rate of facial hair after 2 to 4 sessions, at the rate of one session every two weeks. (Results are based on the home laser device used).

  • Saving time and effort

A laser facial hair removal session may only take from 2 to 5 minutes using a home laser.

  • Safety and efficacy

Laser hair removal is safe and effective and does not have any serious side effects if the instructions are followed carefully. Moreover, most laser facial hair removal devices contain filters for harmful UV rays. This is in addition to the skin and hair color sensing systems, the skin-to-skin contact sensor, and the different energy levels.

  • Hair removal in sensitive areas

This includes the upper lip, cheeks, chin and ear

Advice for Using Philips Lumea for facial Hair Removal

Women with fair skin, and those with black hair get the best results from Philips Lumea lasers on the face. If your hair is red, gray, blond, or you have darker skin color, then unfortunately a home laser will not be suitable for you to remove facial hair. Consult a beauty expert before purchasing a home laser device to help you choose the most suitable device for your skin tone and hair color.

  • Don’t forget to do a laser test first

Is it the first time you are using a home laser device? Test the laser device before using it on the face, so that you are sure your skin is not sensitive to it.  

  • Do not wax or epilate before the laser

The laser targets the hair under the skin. In the event that you pluck or wax your facial hair, this will affect the results negatively.

  • Clean your face before the laser session

Apply the laser on your face when it is completely free of cosmetics, creams or moisturizers. Clean your skin before the laser session to ensure that it is free from any preparations that could interact with the laser.

  • Commit to sessions.

The Philips Lumea laser works to gradually slow hair growth until the hair stops appearing permanently. Therefore, it is necessary to make the sessions at least every 6 months after you finish the first session. With time, you will notice that facial hair has become thinner and lighter in color until its number decreases and disappears.

  • Avoid some very sensitive areas.

When using Philips Lumea for face, avoid the areas near the eyes and eyebrows, in order to preserve the safety of your eyes.

Facial Laser for Men

It is not recommended to use a home laser device to remove facial hair in men. That is because facial hair is affected by male hormones in men, which means that the laser has no noticeable effect on it.

Side effects of laser hair removal

The serious side effects

  • Laser hair removal may cause some burns to people with darker skin, because the pigment in the skin will absorb the laser more.
  • It may lead to swelling and redness of the treated area.
  • Sometimes it may lead to infection, so the skin must be cleaned well.
  • It may lead to skin peeling or burning.

The usual side effects

  • Feeling very slight warmth and numbness (during the session)
  • It causes itching in the treated area after the operation.
  • Slight redness or skin irritation
  • Very slight chance of discoloration or brown spots
  • The sensitivity to direct sunlight lasts for only two days after the session.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

laser hair removal face philips lumea BRI956

From Saudi Arabia


Philips lumea BRI956 with 4 attachments and corded and cordless experience is the best kit for facial hair removal. It will give you up to 8 weeks of hair-free skin. It is gentle on the skin. Many women tried it for facial hair removal and most body areas. Know more about Philips lumea BRI856 model.


  • World first IPL with curved attachments
  • Effective hair removal experience
  • 5 energy settings
  • Philips Lumea Face, body, armpit and bikini attachments
  • No replacement parts needed
  • 8 weeks of smooth skin


  • A bit heavy

Why Philips Lumea BRI956?

Philips lumea BRI956 is very easy to use. You can use the user manual or the application to choose the best plan for you. Also, you have full control over your experience as you can use it corded or cordless. The initial cost may be high but it is cost-effective option. You won’t need to pay for shaving and waxing anymore. You can use Philips Lumea BRI956 for face safely as the face head comes with additional UV filter to provide extra safety during your treatment session. 

It is a great investment for every woman who wants to keep her skin smooth. You can use it anywhere at any time with complete privacy. IPL technology used is derived from the professional machines to deliver the highest quality experience. It takes time to get the desired results but it is totally worth it. You will feel the difference from the beginning of the treatment.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

philips lumea models in french

From Saudi Arabia

Philips Lumea Prestige models use IPL technology to give you the perfect experience. Philips Lumea applies gentle pulses on the skin which is effective in putting the hair follicle into the resting phase. The amount of hair growth is reduced within time. Repeating your treatment will keep your skin beautiful and smooth for a long time. Philips lumea BRI949 is suitable for removing facial hair and sensitive area hair. It is a full package hair removal kit. This model is 220V and has a UK/EU cable. The device is 110-240v can be used anywhere in the world.


  • Fast hair removal results
  • Worth every penny
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after only 3 treatments.
  • Uniquely shaped attachments
  • Philips laser is very gentle and safe on the skin.


  • Not for black or brown skin

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost For Face? 

Each laser hair removal face session will cost you from $250 to $600. The cost may be lower or higher depending on the area you are treating and the color of your hair and body. Your face might need 3-4 sessions to get the desired results then you need to maintain your results by having the monthly session. Read our hair removal reviews. 

The cost of the personal kit is much lower than the laser cost at clinics. Considering multiple sessions are often needed to fully get smooth skin. Personal kits are cost-effective. You don’t need to use razors, epilators or shaving creams anymore. Philips laser hair removal is a long-term investment.

It is very important to attend your sessions to get the desired results.


Laser Hair Removal Face Treatment is safe and effective for most skin types. Some people get noticeable results after only a single treatment. Using Philips Lumea for face treatment at home is very effective. We recommend using Philips lumea devices because they are effective on most hair types and skin colors. See our full reviews of best Philips lumea models to choose the best kit for you.

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