laser hair removal chin

Laser Hair Removal Chin

Philips Laser hair removal chin cost, efficiency, and ways to get permanent results soon enough. 

While laser therapy is suitable for removing hair forever from mostly all body parts, it works best on 4 body areas which are: the chin, the armpits, the bikini, and the lips. Let’s discuss Philips Laser hair removal for the chin detailed and discover all you need to know before your first session to get the best results. 

Why More People Are Considering Laser Nowadays? 

Shaving, epilating and waxing take time and don’t guarantee you forever results. If you are searching for silky-smooth results the only option you have is Philips Laser hair removal . Although the initial cost of laser therapy is a bit high, no extra money is needed. There is no hidden cost with laser treatment. Laser therapy is a high-tech way that uses the light to target the pigment inside the hair follicle and destroy it leaving your skin smooth and fuzz-free. 

Philips Laser hair removal Chin Is Not Complicated As It Sounds

Facial hair is a bit annoying to many of us. Both men and women think of Philips Laser hair removal for face and chin to get the babyface touch we all dream about. The laser treatment is very simple and painless. The energy from the laser machine targets the melanin pigment inside the hair follicle, destroying the hair from the root. Once the root of the hair is destroyed, it won’t appear again on the skin. That’s why the results of the laser are permanent and last for a long time. 

Does Philips Laser hair removal Work On Chin? 

Yes. In fact, Philips Laser hair removal treatment works best on the chin. What’s why you will get permanent results in a short time compared to other body parts. 

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal For Chin? 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost of laser hair removal chin is around $200 for every session. The cost of laser chin sessions for the face or the chin varies from a clinic to another. Also, the price varies according to the area and the thickness of the hair treated. You will need multiple sessions to get the desired results. Laser hair removal at clinics is not cheap therapy. That’s why many girls and women consider having their own Philips Laser hair removal kit for personal use. In general, Philips Laser hair removal treatment is a good investment as you will get results the last for a long time. If you are having many sessions at once from a certain provider: ask if they make any special offers. 

Should I Shave My Chin Before Laser Hair Removal? 

Yes. As the laser treatment targets the hair in the growth cycle, it is very important to shave before having Philips Laser hair removal chin treatment. Shave your chin 12-14 hours before your treatment session. You must apply a clean shave by using a sharp razor before laser therapy. If the laser targets the long hairs on the skin, it might cause skin burns and blisters. 

Who Are The Best Candidates For Laser Therapy? 

The laser works best for people who have light skin and dark hair color. The diversity of the color between the skin and the hair is very important to get faster results as the laser is attracted to the pigment inside the hair follicle. 

It also works better on thin hair. It takes a bit longer to remove unwanted thick hair. Some hair is very resistant to laser treatment and sometimes new hairs appear on the skin due to hormonal imbalance during the treatment period according to the reviewers of Philips Laser hair removal machines worldwide. Laser Hair Removal Near Me

What Should You Know Before Your First Facial Hair Removal Session? 

IPL and laser hair removal treatment are not compatible with certain medications. That’s why it is critical to stop using certain specific medications that might interact with the treatment sessions, cause skin sensitivity problems or complications. You must stop any medication that is photosensitive before the laser therapy at least 1 week before your first treatment. In addition, most antibiotics could be photosensitive. If you suffer from an infection, it is better to wait until you finish your antibiotics course before starting your laser sessions. Philips Lumea chin hair removal is very safe and effetive. 

In general, we don’t recommend laser therapy during the treatment with strong actives like retinoids and alfa hydroxyl acids. 

You should ask your doctor if Philips Laser hair removal treatment is safe for you or not if you are under certain medication. If you really want results that laser forever, listen to your practitioner, he knows the best for your skin tone and hair color.  

Shaving is an important step to do before your laser session. Shaving helps the laser penetrate into the roots of the hair follicles. Don’t wax, epilate, or bleach the area you are going to treat before your laser treatment. The root of the hair must be intact to effectively destroy the hairs. Laser Hair Removal Reviews

When To Expect Results? 

Laser hair removal results vary from a person to another. Most people get noticeable results after 6 to 7 laser sessions. The number of sessions needed to achieve permanent results varies from a person to another. It also varies from an area to another. You need to keep on schedule to get the best results in a short time. Most people need more sessions to maintain their results. The extra sessions are don’t every 6 months, every 1 year or even every 2 years according to the hair growth cycle. laser hair removal results blog and reviews you can check on our main page

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It Is Okay To Apply Laser When You Are On Your Period 

You shouldn’t cancel your laser session just because you are on your period. It is important to be in the schedule even if you are on your period. It is different from bikini wax about this point. Try to stay consistent with your sessions as much as you can. For example, you can use a tampon on the day of the laser session not to miss it. Read Also: Laser Hair Removal For Men

What To Apply After The Treatment Session? 

You should apply SPF to the area treated with the laser or the IPL technology after your session. Try to avoid direct sun exposure after your laser session as much as you can. Also, you should shave the area treated with a laser instead of waxing or epilating it. Apply soothing cream after the session if your skin is dry. Avoid heat or sun for at least 2 days after your laser therapy. Also, avoid tanning before and after your laser treatment. More About: Laser Hair Removal Armpit


Philips Laser hair removal chin treatment is very effective whether you apply personal or professional laser therapy. It is very important to do your sessions according to the recommended timetable of sessions. Waiting too long between laser sessions will affect your results, and the hairs may appear again sooner. If you noticed that the hairs are all coming back after the first session, it is very normal. Wait for the 3rd or the 4th session to get noticeable results.

Philips Laser hair removal at home is painless, doesn’t need any creams or protective glasses. While laser hair removal at clinics is a bit painful without applying numbing cream before the laser treatment. Laser treatment feels like a rubber band snapping your skin.

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