laser hair removal bikini

Laser Hair Removal Bikini

What are the pros and costs of laser hair removal bikini area? Is laser hair removal worth it? what is included? And the best ways to keep your skin hair-free?

Removing hair from a sensitive area is definitely one of the women’s goals for personal hygiene care. Therefore, you are always looking for the best solution that guarantees good results that basically satisfy you.

The bikini laser is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of hair. It guarantees a long-lasting result compared to other traditional means. Consequently, in this article, we will reveal to you everything you need to know about a bikini laser so that you can be fully informed.

Shaving, plucking, and waxing are time-consuming. Laser hair removal for the bikini area seems to be the best option when it comes to saving money and time. Laser therapy is a high-tech method that uses concentrated light to destroy the hair follicle under the skin, leaving the skin fuzz-free.

We asked many women about their experience with laser hair removal bikinis and collected all the information you need to know before laser therapy at clinics or at home. We will also discuss laser hair removal bikini different options.

What is a bikini laser?

Laser is one of the means that help in removing hair in the bikini area. It targets the edges of the underwear and the pubic area. The laser can reach the dark coarse hair in this area through the light of the laser beams. The darker the hair, the more effective it is in absorbing the laser light.

Benefits of Bikini laser

The lighter the hair, the less effective it is at absorbing light. The effectiveness is reduced in the case of blond, gray, or red hair. The bikini area laser offers many benefits for women, as it:

  • removes the sharp hairs that result from shaving, waxing, and other traditional methods
  • reduces redness, irritation, and increased hairiness that result from other traditional methods
  • makes the area fine and smooth
  • controls access to hair with extreme precision
  • Performs quick hair removal. In a fraction of a second a quarter of a centimeter of skin can be removed
  • provides hair removal time again
  • reduces sweating
  • eliminates spending money on traditional tools, such as razors, wax, and creams

Hair Removal methods of the Bikini Area

There are a handful of methods that can be used to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area, they include:

  • Shaving: It requires a razor and shaving cream, it’s a quick, reliable method for removing hair, but contains a high level of risk & inconvenience 
  • Waxing: It provides longer-lasting results than shaving, but it’s riskier as well. Research says 38% of people attempting to wax at home ended up with burns
  • Depilatory Creams: in this method, women use chemicals to dissolve the hair off the skin. While the hair shaft is removed, the root remains, just like with shaving
  • Laser Hair Removal: You can visit a clinic for a relatively expensive treatment session, or use an at-home laser device. This method heats the follicles and stops their growth gradually over 2-3 weeks, providing long-lasting results up to 6 months

The Effects of Laser Hair Removal in the Bikini Area

There are many questions that women ask about the effects of laser hair removal in the bikini area. Among these questions:

  • Does laser hair removal whiten sensitive areas?
  • Has laser hair removal cause infertility?
  • Does laser pubic hair removal cause cancer?

Cosmetic experts around the world confirm that laser hair removal from the bikini area has many benefits. They answered such questions scientifically:

  • The role of laser is not limited to hair removal only, but it also helps to whiten sensitive dark places. such places include the pubis and underarm that have a different color from the rest of the body. This is because it stimulates the skin to secrete collagen responsible for bleaching and unifying color.
  • Laser hair removal from the bikini area does not lead to infertility. It does not have any effect on the hymen either. Rather, it may be accompanied only by temporary local pain, which varies in intensity from one woman to another. It disappears by the end of the session.
  • laser pubic hair removal does not pose any risks to sensitive areas. this is a non-ionizing light ray that does not have the property of transforming normal cells into cancerous. Up till now. there is no single case that proves that this process was the cause of any cancer cells.

Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

If you add up how much money you spend on razors or bikini wax sessions during your life, they will not cost you $200 to $400 per session but it’s hurtful and provide only short-lived results. However, Laser hair removal is a beauty investment.

Laser hair removal bikini area costs from $150 to $350 per session at a clinic. With the need for multiple clinical sessions, the price will grow higher, compared to a fixed price you need to pay to obtain an at-home laser hair removal device specializing in bikini treatment.

The price range for the best laser hair removal devices is $350-550.

What Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Include?

Bikini & Brazilian laser hair removal two hair removal shapes for laser therapy. Here are the basic bikini and bikini extended hair removal methods:

The basic bikini covers 2-3 inches outside the panty line. The basic bikini doesn’t include the panty line. It is a very basic hair removal method as it only removes unwanted hair outside the panty line.

The bikini extended laser hair removal covers 2-3 inches outside the panty line too. At the same time, it includes removing unwanted hair inside the panty line. This also includes removing unwanted hair on the sides up to the labia.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal provides a long-lasting result, instead of permanent results, as achieving such results is impossible.

While laser hair removal doesn’t give permanent results immediately, the results are totally worth it. After finishing your laser hair removal sessions, you will notice that your skin is smooth and hair-free for months, and with Philips Lumea, it can go to nearly 6 months long.

Philips Lumea as the best at-home hair removal device for the bikini area

Speaking of Philips Lumea, we consider it the best Laser Hair Removal bikini specializing device, for a handful of reasons:

  • It has a specializing attachment designated for the bikini area
  • Provides up to 92% hair reduction in 2-3 sessions
  • Can finish a whole treatment session in 2 minutes only
  • Works corded/cordless
  • No hidden costs

How to Prepare for bikini laser hair removal?

For the majority of people who are interested in hair removal around the bikini area, there are a few things you need to put into your consideration. First, you have to limit plucking, waxing,  for a few weeks before doing laser hair removal.

You should also avoid sun exposure in that area for a few weeks before and after treatment. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal less effective and can cause some complications after treatment like burning, hyperpigmentation (dark marks), and scarring. Find out more on preparing for laser hair removal

Video footage on how to use Philips Lumia on bikini area:

Instructions for using Philips Lumea for bikini

  • Avoid UV exposure for 1 week before and after using Philips Lumea for bikini
  • Don’t sunburns 2 weeks prior to the treatment session
  • Avoid sunless tanning products for 1 week prior to the session
  • Stop waxing, tweezing, and chemical epilation 3 weeks prior to treatment

Laser Hair Removal Bikini Using Philips Lumea

As we mentioned earlier, Philips lumea models come with a Bikini attachment. There are divided into 4 main sections:

  1. 9000 Series
  2. Prestige
  3. Advanced
  4. Essential

Here are the top-selling Philips Lumea models:

  1. BRI958 (Top Pick)
  2. BRI956
  3. BRI954

Philips Lumea 9000 Series BRI958, BRI957

Philips Lumea 9000 Bri957

 Philips Lumea BRI956 


Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

laser hair removal bikini philips lumea


Permanent laser hair removal for the bikini area is easily achieved using laser kits from Philips Lumea. Bikini laser hair removal is a very comfortable experience using Philips Lumea.

When it comes to laser hair removal, Philips Lumea models provide long-lasting results on your bikini hair, in a shorter time than other devices.

Philips Lumea kits are affordable, efficient for hair removal, and have a large number of flashes.


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