laser hair removal armpit

Laser Hair Removal Armpit

Interested in laser hair removal armpit? Find out more about laser hair removal for underarms reviews, what to expect and when

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Review

Underarm laser hair removal is not painful. Laser therapy doesn’t cause so much pain compared to waxing and using an epilator. You should shave before your underarm hair removal session. This will maximize your results and make the results last for a longer time. Too long hair will prevent the laser from reaching your skin. Also, you need to make sure that your doctor has enough information about your sensitivity reactions and your medications to avoid any side effects. Here you will find the best armpit hair removal machine for personal use.

Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Laser hair removal underarms need more than one session to achieve the desired results. You will notice a difference after only one week. Women who tried laser therapy got obsessed with using it for removing unwanted hair from everywhere. It would cost you much to return to your doctor’s clinic to have laser therapy. If you are thinking about doing full-body hair removal, you should consider having your own kit. The initial cost is not high compared to laser procedures at clinics. Plus you won’t need to pay any extra money. No more epilation thanks to laser therapy. Can you imagine not shaving your legs again for more than a year!

There Are Three Main Types Of Laser Treatment 

There are many laser types. the following types are the most used ones at clinics:

  • Diode – the diode is very effective in removing unwanted hair in a short time. It is suitable for most skin types.
  • Alexandrite – it is a quick laser type, which is suitable for treating large skin areas. It is suitable for people who have light to olive skin.
  • Nd-YAG – this light is suitable for most skin types. You can use it on tanned skin but it is always better to ask your dermatologist first.

In general, most laser therapy types work on most body areas. They are more effective in removing your bikini line, lip, chin and armpit areas.

You Need To Stop Taking Specific Medication

The laser is very similar to waxing at this point..

You need to stop taking some medication and stop applying certain skincare treatments before your treatment session. You should stop taking certain medications before laser therapy especially medications that might cause photosensitivity reactions. Consult your doctor about your antibiotic and if it causes photosensitivity or not. If you have an infection, you could push your laser treatment back a few weeks. Don’t take retinoids and alfa hydroxyl acids before your laser session as they make your skin more sensitive to the sun and irritation during the session. If you are not sure about your medication and whether it causes photosensitivity or not, consult your doctor first.

laser hair removal armpit

How Does Armpit Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal armpit is not as complicated as it seems. Both IPL and laser methods use light to heat the roots and cause damage to the roots of the hair. The laser emits pulses of light-producing energy deep into the skin destroying the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, hair won’t grow back.

The normal hair growth cycle is composed of three stages: the active growth stage, the transition stage, and the resting stage. Laser hair removal can remove hair which is during the growth stage. When the hair is in the resting or the transition stage, laser therapy won’t be effective. To make sure that laser hair removal is targeting the growth phase of the hair, you need to have more than one treatment session. You need to give your body time to rest during your treatment plan. Most treatment plans separate the laser session by a week or more to make sure that the treatment is effective. About Philips Lumea kits, they are the safest and the most effective method to remove armpit hair and full body hair.

Don’t Worry If You Are On Your Period

Unlike waxing, you don’t have to cancel your treatment session because of your period. You should attend your treatment sessions and follow your treatment plan. While laser hair removal is a safe procedure, it is better to use FDA approved kits. You can apply laser therapy even if you are during the menstruation and treating the bikini area. You shouldn’t wax, tweeze or use a bleaching agent at least a month before your treatment. You need to keep the hair roots intact to get the most of your laser hair removal.

What To Expect During Your Treatment?

It is something that all women wonder about: does laser hair removal hurt? It is less painful compared to waxing and using an epilator. Many laser hair removal kits are very gentle on the skin. Many patients are surprised when the treatment session is over.

The most common example we always hear when it comes to laser pain is that it is like getting a rubber band lightly smacked against the body. There are minor side effects that might happen to some people after the laser session. Skin irritation, redness, and swelling happen temporarily. They disappear within a few hours or after a day. Some people apply ice first before the laser session to reduce the pain level.

Skin pigmentation might get changed temporarily. You might notice that your skin is darker or lighter after your session.  It is very normal and these symptoms usually disappear after a few days.

How To Get Successful Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

With underarm laser therapy, expect some minor discomfort during your treatment session. It is a very small price to pay. You won’t need to shave, wax or use an epilator any more. There is no more ingrown hair. At the same time, your expectations should be realistic. Talk to a laser hair removal expert first if you are afraid of laser hair removal at clinics. The technician must be licensed and certified to do laser treatment. It is very normal to ask these questions before laser hair removal. Check laser hair removal before & after reviews of Philips Lumea. 

Armpit Laser Hair Removal Cost At Clinics 

The prices for armpit laser hair removal vary from a place to another. The average cost of the underarm session at clinics is about $100 for the session. Of course, you will need more than one session to get the desired results. Laser underarm hair removal can be done at home using your personal kit from Philips Lumea. This way you will get the same professional results at a more considerable price. Find more about laser hair removal cost 

Best Laser Hair Removal For Underarms

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is considered the best personal kit for removing armpit, bikini, body and face hair. You will notice permanent results after only 3 sessions. It comes with 5 adjustable power settings and a smart skin tone sensor. You will find a detailed user manual to choose the right laser hair removal plan for your skin tone and hair color. We are sure you will be impressed by your laser hair removal results.


  • Philips’ best choice for women
  • Very reliable device giving you amazing results
  • FDA approved and dermatologist recommended
  • >250,000 lamp flashes
  • Can be used corded and cordless
  • Face, bikini, underarm and body attachments
  • Long cord
  • Up to 20 years lifetime
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after only 3 sessions
  • Affordable price, no hidden cost
  • Fast procedure, remove all your body in less than an hour
  • special attachment for underarm laser hair removal


  • None! Women love everything about Philips BRI956

Philips Lumea BRI956 is from Philips Lumea Prestige models. Here you can find more about best Philips Lumea Prestige models.


Laser hair removal solves armpit dark skin as you won’t need to shave or wax. If you are going to have a laser hair removal session, you need to make sure that the dermatologist is qualified and licensed to do laser procedure. Even doctors, need professional training to use laser kits. IPL hair removal for underarms is totally safe using Philips Lumea at home. Professional laser hair removal machines use high power so you might get burned and potentially scarred. Alternatively, you can use Philips Lumea personal kits. Philips Lumea kits use IPL technology derived from professional IPL technology. The main series of Philips lumea are Philips lumea prestige, Philips lumea advanced and essential. There are more than 7 personal kits available on the market. We are sure you will find your next laser hair removal kit among them.

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