At Home Laser Hair Removal Vs Professional

At home laser hair removal vs professional which is better? are at-home devices effective as professional treatment? This guide will help you find out laser hair removal cost and benefits.

If you want to get hairless beautiful body forever, laser hair removal and IPL are the best methods for you. They give permanent results in removing unwanted hair without pain.

lPL And Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing and tweezers are not effective in removing hair. They are not practical as the hair keeps growing back in short time. Women usually must remove hair body on a weekly basis, when using such methods, which is considered so boring and painful.

You don’t have to waste your time on traditional methods thanks to IPL and laser hair removal. They are gentle on skin and don’t cause pain. Science has developed new techniques to make women’s life much easier and make removing hair process more interesting and consumes less time. They are the most common ways of removing unwanted hair in the US today. Both use light to destroy hair follicle from the root. When the hair absorbs the light, it gets destroyed.

What Are IPL and laser hair removal?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and lasers use light energy to slow and reduce hair growth. People use the term ‘laser hair removal’ to refer to both methods, but IPL and lasers work in slightly different ways. They promise several benefits over traditional methods of hair removal like waxing and shaving. Professional treatments in pretty clinics have proved so successful and popular there’s now a big choice of devices designed for safe use at home.

Laser hair removal at home is a technology for removing body hair by exposure to exact lasers. The process depends on damaging hair follicles by shedding a specific wavelength of laser light on body tissues. It only affects a specific tissue and it also has limited effect on surrounding tissues.

They have many benefits when compared to traditional hair removal methods. People use the term ‘laser hair removal’ to refer to both methods, but IPL and lasers work in slightly different ways. Different types of lasers are used in clinics and beauty resort. Due to their success and popularity there are now several devices you can use comfortably in your own home.

 Laser Hair Removal Technology

Laser hair removal is an amazing new technology for hair removal. They permanently reduce hair growth, remove body hair for a long period of time, and suit all tones of skins and all hair colors.

There are so many reviews and opinions from users prove the fact that laser devices are the most commonly used method in removing body hair. They mainly gained their popularity because of the following benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal?


**There are a few of the key benefits:

  • Speed – Get longer lasting results than waxing, shaving and depilating.
  • Precision – Reduce your pins whenever you want and always be bikini-ready!
  • A lot of review feedback says it stops in-grown hairs
  • Improved condition of the skin i.e. no shaving rash, razor burn, in-grown hairs
  • No visible ‘black dots’ after shaving.
  • Less pain than waxing or depilating for most.
  • Most recent devices give quick treatment times
  • Experience ‘life-changing’ effects as your body image improves and your confidence levels increase.




  • Permanent reduction (up to approx. 80%) in hair regrowth can be achieved over time.
  • No unsightly regrowth between treatments required – shaving recommended
  • Areas can be covered quickly, so individual sessions not too long
  • No risk of ingrown hairs
  • Can be done at home (mostly IPL) for convenience and if you wish to reduce cost


Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

  • IPL hair removal is better for treating large areas
  • Results are not guaranteed and not suitable for all skin types/hair colors.
  • Costly
  • IPL Philips kits are considered cheaper than laser kits
  • Patience required as good results take time and a number of sessions to achieve
  • Painful – level dependent on individual
  • Side effects – although transient some tenderness and reddening of skin is to be expected
  • In a small number of people, can increase hair growth

What Are The Different Types Of Laser?

The different types of light used in treatments have different wavelengths, measured in nanometers (nm). The wavelength determines how far it can travel into the skin. Here are the most common types:

  • Ruby laser “IPL” (from 500 nm to 1200 nm)
  • Alexandrite laser (755 nm)
  • Pulsed diode lasers (800, 810 nm)
  • Nd: YAG laser (1064 nm).

Because of its longer wavelength, the Nd: YAG laser is the best laser system to use for darker skin tones. All the current laser types have been proven to be effective depending   on skin type, hair type and area treated, and some are more prone to side effects than others.

Lasers Side Effects & Risks

They are not as risky as those of shaving or electrolysis as they do not exceed two or three days. Those side effects include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Itching
  • Tumescence
  • Acne& blisters
  • Skin discoloration

One or more of these side effects may happen. But like we have mentioned, they rarely last for two or three days.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

In the past, women wished if they had a way that compensates for risks of removing body hair using traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing.

To meet the demand, science has developed new technologies to make women’s lives easier. This was the beginning of the scientific progress of “Electrolysis”.

With the advance of science and technology, laser hair removal showed up. It’s is a process that permanently reduces hair growth by damaging hair follicle using certain lasers.

It totally differs from other methods like shaving, waxing, and electrolysis because it eliminates the hair from its root, which makes hair growth a lot slower and harder (we’ll take about this at great length). Below is how laser hair removal differing from other traditional methods.

“Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime, which may include several sessions” FDA

Well, let’s look at your legs beautiful. Your hair growth cycle here takes around 12 months. That means you’d need to see a consistent reduction in hair for 1 whole year after your treatments. And for your upper lip it’ll be around 6 months. So, the word “permanent’ here doesn’t necessarily mean forever.

How Do laser Hair Removal And IPL Work?

Both IPL and laser hair removal use light energy and follow the principle of selective photothermolysis to treat undesirable hair. This article explains this and the key differences between IPL and laser light energy. You’ll also learn about the origins and when treatments became available to the public. There are hundreds of clinical studies too. These prove they work in safe and trained hands, and importantly highlight the risks and possible side effects.

What results should I expect?

“In general, the aims of laser hair removal must be realistic. It is rare to see 100% total clearance of all treated hairs in this area. In general patients need to understand that the purpose of treatment is to decrease the amount and regrowth of hair in the treated sites. Younger treated patients must also understand that they will continue to grow “new” hairs for decades. Thus periodic re-treatments will be required.

The difference of IPL And Laser hair removal:

IPL Hair Removal Method

Intense pulse light is a quick flash of multi-spectrum (many colors) non-coherent light. It’s not a laser. IPL systems output wavelengths are between 500 nm and 1200 nm. The light is generated using a xenon lamp, which is directed and filtered to provide a range of useful wavelengths targeting the hair, through a transparent glass block onto the skin surface. This light can’t be focused. Melanin has a broad absorption peak of light energy, so it can be targeted by a range of wavelength light, from an IPL flash.

IPL is generally suitable for light to medium skin tones, and when combined with Radio Frequency (RF) it can be used to treat darker skin tones too. There are several IPL devices available for home use. See our full reviews of best Philips lumea models for hair removal. Many women who have brown skin use IPL hair removal without problems. Make sure you are choosing high quality IPL Hair Removal device to protect your skin and provide you with great results in short time. 

Is IPL Good For Hair Removal?

IPL technique uses light to destroy hair follicles. The main difference between IPL and laser is that IPL uses borad spectrum high-intensity light instead of concentrated light as a source of power. IPL kits offer broad spectrum of light using multiple safe wavelengths for removing unwanted hair. While laser emits one single light, IPL devices are better for removing hair from larger patches in shorter time. IPL hair removal devices use strong light blubs. In general, IPL devices are cheaper than laser hair removal kits. See our full reviews of best Philips Lumea Prestige IPL kits.

IPL is the right choice for you if you have dark skin. If your skin is too dark you can’t use IPL kits. They are amazing for removing hair permentantly but because the light is boarded, it might need more sessions than laser hair removal treatments.

Pros Of IPL Hair Removal

Cons Of IPL Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Mechanism

Laser is monochromatic (single color) coherent light (i.e. where all the peaks and troughs of the waves of light are aligned or ‘synchronous’). A laser produces a light of a single wavelength e.g. a diode laser at 810 nm. A laser can be focused to a single spot

Melanin can also be targeted by a single, specific wavelength of light from a laser. There are various types of laser treatments available; diode is suitable for pale to medium skin tones and Nd:YAG laser was designed for treating darker skin types. Only diode lasers are available for at home treatments.

So are home devices just as good?

At home laser hair removal devices must be safe for the public and so they are different to professional degree machines. I compare home use and professional treatments, so you can decide which is best for you. Then I explain more about how at-home use devices are different and the evidence they do work.

At home Laser Hair Removal Vs professional treatments:

Many women feel confused when comparing laser hair removal at home and salons. There are many factors that affect the answer. It’s the promise of long-term silky-smooth and hair-free skin that makes laser hair removal so attractive.  No longer do you have to bear the daily shave, or razor burn. No more hiding your pains away until they can be waxed, or the timeless painful ingrown hairs that follow. So you’ve decided to give it a go. Great! But should you choose professional treatments or do-it-yourself with a home-use machine? The decision is important because you want great results by spending your money wisely.

First, we compare at-home and professional laser hair removal for pre-treatment needs, ease and speed, safety, suitability, treatment course and cost. Then we compare the difference between professional and at-home machines, safety and their results

At-home Depilation Methods

  • Laser vs IPL There are many at-home IPL hair reduction machines available. Laser is better for too dark skin while IPL devices are great for removing hair from large areas in short time. A few at-home diodes laser machines are available, and they’re only suitable for light skin tones. We recommend using Philips IPL hair removal if you are using at-home kit for full body hair. It comes with sensor to detect the right power setting for your skin tone and hair type which make it a safer alternative option for hair removal at home.
  • Pre-treatment It’s up to you to be fully educated and informed about each machine you consider. Make the right choice; research the websites and user manuals before buying  _Check your medical history against the warnings and contrast, suitability of your skin type and hair color, and pre_ and post treatment care including tanning. You can perform a patch skin test once you have chosen and bought a device.
  • Skin tones Choose a device that will give you safe, comfortable and effective treatments. Most DIY machines are unsuitable for darker skin tones, but a few are suitable for dark and the darkest skin tones.                                                  
  • Ease and speed treatments some areas are difficult to reach like the back of legs, your butt, back and shoulders. It can get uncomfortable and Your treatments take time and can be slow and tedious especially if covering large areas or treating your full body. You’ll need patience and dedication to see the results.
  • Safety Home devices use simplified technology with less power than professional machines, making it harder for us to make painful and skin-damaging mistakes. Skin tone sensors and skin contact systems are used to protect your skin and eyes.
  • Convenience You use it when you want, from the comfort of your own home. Of an evening, at the weekend, in your bedroom. It’s up to you.
  • Treatment course/regimen Treatment regimens range from 6 weeks to 3 months. You treat frequently until you get good results. There’s no magic number that applies to everyone. You’ll need top up treatments. 1 every 4 or 8 weeks, or as you see fit. The length of time between top ups tends to increase the longer you’ve been doing it, and results are best after several months of use.                    
  • Results At-home IPL and laser hair reduction machines don’t promise you’ll be 100% hair-free forever. A few do make some confusing claims though, so you can learn more about permanency claims here.
  • Costs An at home IPL hair reduction machine will cost from around £150 to £500. A high price usually means it gives you more treatments. The latest machines offer exceptional value for money providing loads of treatments and top ups for years and years of use.

Professional Treatments At Salons

  • Laser vs IPL In a confusing laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are often used as exchangeable expression, although they are different technologies. Some physician only offers laser hair removal, research your physician and understand which treatment you are recommended and why, so you’re happy with your choice. If you still want to try IPL hair removal at affordable price, we suggest trying Philips lumea models
  • Pre-treatment Your chosen practitioner will consult with you before your treatment to check your suitability, set expectations and guide you through the process. You’ll review your medical history, your expected results, the treatments, the treatment course, skin typing and test patch treatment, pre and post treatment care.
  • Skin tones Your practitioner will suggest treatment type options for your skin type / tone. Darker skin tones generally can’t use IPL but are suitable for laser treatments.
  • Ease and speed treatments A trained operative carries out your treatment making sure all areas are covered. You can lie back and relax. The powerful machines cover your skin quickly with a larger flash window and fast flash repetition.
  • Safety A reputed clinic or salon will be devoted to all the legal training and safety needs and any additional company best practices. As well as the initial consultation, this means they manage risks during treatment and advise on any side effects.
  • Convenience – You need time to devote to the course of treatments. You’ll schedule appointments in advance and travel and attend in your spare time.
  • Treatment course/regimen – To see optimum results, courses are usually between 6 to 8 laser / IPL treatments over approximately 6 to 8 months. Everyone is different, and results vary. need top up treatments, maybe 1 or 2 a year, or as you feel necessary. There’s no guaranteed minimum time between top ups.
  • Results – Professional IPL and laser hair removal does not guarantee you’ll be 100% hair-free forever. Results vary by individual, and top up treatments are recommended to maintain continuous hair free results.
  • Costs – A course for your legs costs from around £600 for IPL, and £1,200 for laser. Top up treatments are additional, per session and dependent on body area.

Finally, the results from both professional and at-home machines are great. You’ll need top ups to maintain your results. But if you’re hairy, must shave daily, find epilators pure suffer from ingrown hairs etc., you’ll understand what reviewers mean when  they say the results are ‘life-changing’ To solve the problem of hair removal high costs, leading companies invented those innovative machines that help you remove your body hair while resting at your home. We’ve decided to save your effort looking for reputable approved devices by making a collection of best at-home IPL & laser hair removal devices. Now, you have no excuse to choose your device and eliminate your body hair. See our full reviews of best Philips lumea kits for home use.

The best home laser hair removal guide – tried & tested reviews

Overall Best IPL hair removal device

 Philips lumea devices are very effective in removing hair using IPL technology. They are available for all budgets helping you achieve the results you want at home.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 IPL Hair Removal Device

philips lumea BRI956


This is the best IPL hair removal kit, being 1# choice for women in Europe and around the world. Overall Best IPL hair removal device which can be used cordless and corded. You can buy it in affordable price.

£££ / $




Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954

With 250,000 flashes and long lifetime, it is one of the best IPL hair removal kits on the market. The main difference between this model and BRI956 is that this model doesn’t include extra bikini and underarm attachments. You still can choose the right power setting for your body type and use the skin tone sensor to detect the right power for your skin tone. Also, this device won’t flash if the area you are treating is too dark. You can use it safely at home. It is still safe to use this kit for treating sensitive areas. Women love this device



Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953


This version of Philips lumea is very similar to BRI954 which we mentioned previously. The main difference between them is the cost. Although the initial cost of Philips lumea prestige is high, it is totally worth it. With no hidden costs or extra costs you will save your money with buying Philips lumea kit. It is comfortable and doesn’t cause pain. You can get permanent results after only 4 sessions of hair removal at home. Shop lumea prestige BRI953 IPL device now

The features of this model are the same as BRI954. It comes with body and face attachments. The body attachment is bigger than the face attachment to help you remove hair from large areas in minutes. You can use it to remove your legs hair in just 5 minutes. Also, the face attachment is more precise and designed to remove unwanted facial hair without pain. With the smart skin tone detector, it is safe to use this device even if your skin tone is not the same. The detector changes the power based on the skin tone. Use this kit from Philips regularly and finish your treatment plant to get the desired results.

Philips Lumea Advanced SC1998/00


From Saudi Arabia

Cost-effective economic choice from Philips. It has 5 intensity levels and all necessary safety features to help you finish your treatment without problems. You will learn how to use it for hair removal easily. It is corded device but the cord is very long, you can use it simply everywhere to remove unwanted hair. The user manual has full guide to help you choose the right treatment plan for your skin tone and hair color. The results last long after only 4 sessions!

  • Body, bikini and face attachments
  • A travel pouch
  • Light weight kit
  • Effective for hair removal on large and small areas
  • More than 250,000 lamp flashes
  • Fast results
  • Extra long cord
  • The user manual is very clear

They’ll also help you to shortlist the many available home use devices to those that best meet your specific needs and budget


  • Only works corded


Philips Lumea Essential BRI863/70

philips lumea models

Check Price on Amazon

From Saudi Arabia


Very safe and easy to use hair removal IPL device from Philips lumea. It is suitable for most skin types. You can remove all your body hair in less than an hour using this device. the IPL is very effective in removing hair from large skin areas. It is not painful at all and the results are motivating. Once you start using Philips lumea essential you will be excited to finish your treatment plan. Maintaining your results after finishing your treatment is also important to keep your body hairless and beautiful. This device lifetime is more than 15 years as it has 200,00 flashes and 3.2 cm2 window for fast hair removal. The IPL technology included is derived from salons IPL technology. It is cheaper which make this device from Philips a good alternative option. Salons prices are increasing. You can get hairless results at home for long time with Philips lumea. It is not as fast as salons results, but you will get the same results as the light used is lower. It is actually safer than salons if you have sensitive skin. This device is very safe to use with automatic shutdown if the skin is too dark to apply light treatment. Find more information about lumea essential BRI863/70 device now.


  • Easy to hold kit
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Power adapter
  • Detailed user manual
  • Versatile design
  • Highly safe using IPL technology.
  • Results last for long time
  • Suitable for most skin tones


  • Heats up in short time (you can rest and let the device cool down during long treatment sessions.

1. What hair color do you have?

Dark blonde through to black hair works well and there are plenty of devices to choose from. Just a few kits work on fair hair (light blonde, red, grey and white)8




The darker your hair color the better. In dark blonde through to black hair there’s a dark pigment called melanin. This is what the intense light energy targets, heats it up and disables the hair follicle. If your natural hair color is in this range, you can pick from all home IPL hair removal devices.

If you have fair hair (light blonde, red, white or grey), you lack the melanin that conducts the intense light to heat up and disable the hair root. Most devices won’t work for you. But a special technology does works on light hair and is available in a few devices.

If you have brown or black hair let’s carry on seeing which skin tone type you have.

2. What skin tone type do you have?

it’s safe and gives best results on lighter skin types. This is because the light energy heats-up dark pigment in the hair follicle and leaves the light color skin unharmed.

There’s much more dark pigment in darker skin, so the light energy heats the skin too. This causes pain and damage. There’s a very high risk of developing skin reactions, such as temporary or permanent skin darkening or lightening, strong redness, burns and blisters.

There are 6 skin tone types, measured from type I to VI. Type I is the lightest and type VI the darkest. Some device manufacturers recommend a maximum energy intensity level for your skin type too.

Philips Lumea

*Colors circles showing the skin tone types 1 to 6:

Type I:​ Light, pale white skin that always burns in the sun and never tans.

Type II: White, fair skin that usually burns in the sun and tans with difficulty.

Type III: Medium white to olive skin that sometimes burns mildly in the sun and gradually tans.

Type IVOlive, mid-brown skin that rarely burns in the sun and tans with ease to a moderate brown.

Type VBrown, dark brown skin that very rarely burns in the sun and tans very easily.

Type VIVery dark brown to black skin that never burns in the sun and tans very easily

If you have dark brown or black skin, skin tone type VI, just a few home IPL hair removal options are available. They are safe because they use special technology

If your skin is dark up to skin tone type V, you have a couple of options that are safe to use at home. But you may be better off with the recommendation for skin type VI as it’s likely to give quicker results and much less discomfort.

If you have lighter skin tone types I to IV, you can choose from all laser and IPL home hair removal devices.

**Never use the device on the following:

  • Over or near anything artificial like silicone implants, injection ports, contraceptive implants, or piercings. There have been no tests on persons with such implants then the effects are unknown.
  • On an area of recent surgery, laser resurfacing, scars or skin that has been damaged with burns. Don’t use on damaged skin, including open wounds, cold sores, sunburns, or areas where you have had a skin peel or other skin resurfacing procedure within the last 6-8 weeks.
  • On areas, where you use long-lasting deodorants. This can result in skin reactions.
  • On sunburned skin as this can make the skin more susceptible to injury.
  • On the face if you have a history of cold sores; use of IPL or any treatment that irritates skin can cause a recurrence of cold sores.
  • Over or near fillings or dental implants.

*Never use the device if you suffer from any of the diseases:

  • If you have a history of skin cancer, areas of potential skin malignancies or any other localized cancer in the areas to be treated.
  • There have been no tests in areas with skin cancer or cancer and therefore the effects are unknown.
  • If you have pre-cancerous lesions or multiple atypical moles in the areas to be treated.
  • If you have a history of collagen disorder

**Sensible device usage:

  • Don’t use on skin with cosmetics applied
  • Never flash the same treatment spot multiple times
  • Don’t treat any area more than once per week
  • Never flash against any material other than skin
  • Don’t use for any goal other than hair removal.

So, Can I use laser hair removal at home?

If none of the things listed above apply to you then congratulations! It sounds like you’re a good allowable to for IPL / laser hair removal at home.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods"

The first ways invented to remove body hair are called ” traditional ways” of hair removal. Some of them are used daily and won’t give you the best results such as shaving. While people use other ways as waxing every three to four weeks or more extremely depending of the area being treated.

1) Shaving

On hand, shaving is an efficient and easy method. You use razor to remove the surface hair without reaching the roots. On the other hand, it’s slow and not safe as you may cut yourself, cause skin injury and the results are not perfect. The hair keeps growing back from the next day and even thicker!

The main differences are that shaving is not as accurate as laser and IPL methods. Shaving removes hair for a short period of time because the follicles are kept undamaged. It might cause skin inflammation and redness.

2) Waxing

This is another traditional way of removing body hair. You only need to apply a wax to the skin then remove the hair in the direction opposite to hair growth direction.

Some types of waxes may need to be heated up first then it can be applied to the skin. As in case of shaving, waxing may lead to irritation and redness. However, waxing removes hair for a semi-permanent period, longer than shaving but shorter than hair removal lasers. Waxing might cause damage to the skin because of the heat and pulling used using waxing. Laser and IPL give you permanent results without causing much pain.

3) Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the oldest unconventional method used to remove body hair.

It’s considered the most efficient one between above mentioned methods. Electrolysis is the process of removing body hair permanently using electricity. Press an appropriate metal probe into hair follicle at the same angle as hair goes out of the skin does it. It is not practical method. Laser and IPL are better and less painful compared to electrolysis method.


Depilation methods such as laser hair removal and IPL technology are better than traditional methods. You can get rid of unwanted hair fast without broking the bank by getting your own IPL kit for hair removal at home. We suggest seeing our full reviews of best Philips Lumea kits and seeing our buying guide for Philips lumea prestige to know more about the best way that offers a more permanent approach to get a silky-smooth body. Check Philips Lumea for men special version 

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