Facial Hair Removal For Men

Facial Hair Removal For Men

Hair removal used to be exclusively a female issue. If you are a man you had a big chance that your body hair will stay intact unless you were a bodybuilder, cyclist, swimmer, or male exotic dancer.  But that’s not the case no more. Experts note that currently, more and more people opt for the same right to beauty as women-like smooth body skin. Most people do not actually want all of their facial hair to be cut, but they gradually want it to be thinned out. However, a lot of experts are currently saying that the request for facial hair removal for men is making up a good portion of their clients.

As we currently speaking it becomes obvious that there is a plenty of Men in 2020 who want to modify the shape of their eyebrows. They really want to strip away that unibrow look and they want a reshaping. And this is not the only area they want to change. They also want to clean the area behind their ears or the back of the neck. Around the same time, separate media sources say that many people now go for the long-standing standard of feminine beauty-the bikini wax.

In this Article we are going to discuss the variant options for facial hair removal for men.

Facial hair removal for men with laser

Laser hair removal has become the most favorite way for hair removal among men and women on all body parts due its efficiency and great results and low time and money costs in compared to other methods. There is no doubt that it has become the best option for facial hair removal for men.

How it’s done?

It effectively destroys the hair root, using laser light energy to reach the hair shaft. This will not destroy the follicle (the location from which hair development begins). Technically, instead, another hair can develop in its place, but it’s hard. That means laser hair removal last a relatively long time compared to other methods.

How Long does It Take?

Usually from 15-25 min according to the area of the face being treated. You have to repeat this process around 8 times with 2 weeks apart from each session.

Whom are laser hair removal best for?

Laser hair removal works best on light skin tones with dark hair. It’s not suitable for blonde or white hair. However, there is one type of laser can work for people with dark skin tone and is the Nd: YAG laser.

How much would it cost?

The average cost of facial laser hair removal for men in beauty salons is 250-400$ per session. However, if you are using laser hair removal device at home, the cost becomes much less than that.

How long would the results last?

After completing the first 8 sessions the results are almost permeant. However, a follow-up session might be required every while.

Facial hair removal for men with waxing

One of the oldest and easiest methods of facial hair removal for men. If u can handle the pain then the quickness and low cost of this method make it a valid option to consider.

How it’s done?

It has been long gone the moist, gooey, former honey-based waxes. With their absence from the market, there are currently soy waxes, a sticky lotion that is added to the skin but which only adheres to the scalp. Specially made tissue strips are layered over the jelly. When the mixture dries up, the strips are discarded (think about cutting a bandage off) and hair is poofed after just a few minutes! The hair has been removed.

How Long does It Take?

Around 10 minutes in average, depending mainly on what’s being waxed.

Whom is waxing hair removal best for?

waxing can be very easily done on the face. Please consider that it is very painful, so you might want to try it on other parts of your body first so you know what you’re in for.

How much would it cost?

Around 10-30$ each time you use it

How long would the results last?

About five to six weeks to achieve the desired results.

Facial hair removal for men with Shaving

This is by default the commonest way men use for hair removal. probably used by all men at some point in their lives. So, if u don’t mind the scratches and cuts and the daily shaving, this is option to go.

How it’s done?

These specialized straight razors allow you to simply shave your face with blades as large as an inch and a half and handles hinged as long as 5 inches. Don’t forget to use shaving cream and aftershave afterwards.

How Long does It Take?

5-10 min max.

Whom is Shaving hair removal best for?

If you are always in hair and I don’t mind spending 10 mins everyday to shave and you skin is not sensitive to blades then shaving is a valid option for you.

How much would it cost?

Around 10-30$ with keeping in mind the accessories u may need such as aftershave.

How long would the results last?

Shaving keeps hair from 2-3 days so in order to maximize the results we recommend that you shave daily

Facial hair removal for men with electrolysis

Unibrow is the most effective electrolysis procedure for young men, but as men grow older, others become more worried about other regions in face such as the area around the neck, ears and area around the nose. While the main issue is the relatively long time in order to achieve optimal results.

How it’s done?

Using an ultra-slim needle to reach each human hair shaft, this device provides the hair follicle with tiny shocks of electricity, killing the cells that actually produce hair. It’s gone if a cell is dead and no hair can rise there again.

How Long does It Take?

A treatment session with electrolysis is fairly short timed that lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. But if you want a lot of hair removed, it may require up to one year of weekly therapy. As each hair is handled one after the other. So, it takes a long time in order to achieve the desired results.

Whom is Electrolysis hair removal best for?

Although electrolysis works fairly well on all areas for hair removal, due to the time-consuming complexity of the procedure, small areas are always a good starting point, including eyebrows, cheeks, and neck.

How much would it cost?

The average cost for a single treatment session by electrolysis is 40$ this price differs according to the salon itself.

How long would the results last?

Permanent it may take a long time but once area is removed by electrolysis its guaranteed by more than 98% that hair will never grew again.

Facial hair removal for men with Cream hair removals

Some chemicals used in depilatories and cream hair removals can be extremely harsh, especially on sensitive skin. So, it’s always better to do a patch test on a small area of your skin first. If you have any type of allergic reaction such as burning sensation, redness, blisters, or itching – you must wipe it off immediately and don’t use it again. Its not a very common facial hair removal for men method yet it still used by some.

How it’s done?

A chemical compound is placed in a gel or oily cream base, it works by attacking the proteins found in hair and dissolves them. Thus, the hair is loosened and falls out immediately.

How Long does It Take?

Around 3-5 minutes.

Whom is cream hair removal best for?

When you find that all other hair removal methods are unavailable u can use this method. But it falls in every aspect to shaving, waxing and laser hair removal.

How much would it cost?

25$-50$ on average.

How long would the results last?

Usually from five to seven days.

Our Top Advices For You:

  1. You are not the only one considering it a lot of men are thinking about it
  2. Its always good to look good and shaping your facial hair is a key part of a man handsomeness.
  3. Think carefully about what you really want. Do you want your facial hair reduced or removed? Do you want it removed permanently or for a few months or for a few days? You need to know the answers for these questions before making a choice.
  4. No pain no gain the harder the method the better the results you will get.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go for laser a lot of guys who tried it loved it.


A lot of people currently are opting for permanent facial hair treatment after years of shaving the same spots of their faces every single day. Five options are available: laser hair removal, waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and hair removal creams are all your current options. with the laser hair removal being the much more trending option.  If you are considering extracting hair by laser or electrolysis make sure that you don’t want to see hair in this part of your face again.

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