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Ear Hair Removal

Growing Hair on your ears is natural. But if you’ve got a ton of it, then you might wonder why. Really, it’s not that strange. In some sort of the whole body is covered with hair.  The only pieces are the palms of your hands, your mouth, and your foot sole that are hair free. There’s hair even between the head, outside. It’s generally harmless, except though sometimes there’s a lot of it. 


Why do we have hair in our ears?

Your body, including your face and ears, had soft hair all over, before you were born. That is known as lanugo. Usually, it may take a few weeks for it to disappear, particularly for early-born infants. Some people are getting more hair in and on their ears as they age — especially men. Doctors assume it could be due to elevated testosterone. This hormone makes hair grosser. thicker and darker as it spreads on more body parts.

Ear hair is more complicated than you’d imagine. It’s known that most body hair serves as a natural insulator that makes us remain warm. on the other hand, ear hair obviously serves another purpose, especially the hair developed within the ear.

The hair right inside your ear works with the earwax to protect your eardrum and keep it free from dirt and debris. Farther within your ear, tiny hairs help you focus and maintain your equilibrium. They dwell in fluid-laden canals. The substance goes with you, as you move. This twists the hairs and shows you where the body is in space.

It also becomes even more clear that when you grew older, the hair in your ears starts to get bushier. A man in his early 20s would certainly not need as much upkeep as anybody in his 50s. The odd thing is that testosterone levels don’t continue to grow indefinitely as you get older.

What are the causes of hair growth outside the ear?

No one knows for sure why some people may have so much hair outside their ear. For several years, scholars assumed that it was a naturally inherited disease by males, via their Y chromosome. More recent reports have suggested that’s not true. Quite long hair is rare on the outer side. It is most common among men residing in India and Sri Lanka. It’s rare but babies born to diabetes people can have hairy feet.

 Other causes include:

  • There is a condition known as hypertrichosis, where hair grows all over your body.
  • Some medications.
  • Bad diet and nutrition.
  • Some endocrinal and metabolic diseases.
  • Some infectious and inflammatory.

Ear hair removal how can you get it?

 Hairy ears are not going to cause any major health issues, so if you don’t like how it looks or smells, you should do an ear hair removal. You have quite a few options:

1)      Shaving

The only upside with shaving is the low cost of the shaving razors, and the shaving cream. The downsides of shaving are plenty. First, there is a chance you end up cutting yourself and the effects will not last long. Your hair will return to development in 1–3 days. And the skin may get scratched by the repeated usage of razors and scissors, or maybe the hairs do not grow back properly. This triggers tender bumps which are called incubated hairs. Using an electric razor designed for the job to trim the hair within your ear might be a much better option.

In general shaving is not a very valid option for ear hair removal as razors aren’t designed for the ear hair removal. And there is a huge risk of hurting yourself and getting a bloody ear.

2)      Trimming

Trimming is the easiest, fastest, most comfortable way to deal with ear hair. Ear hair removal is not easy and a lot of companies have raised to the challenge. And with the new trimmers designed mainly for ear hair removal. trimming your ear hair have never been this easy and safe as before.

3)      Plucking

Plucking is a valid option to handle pretty much external ear hair. It obviously works only on the hair outside the ear. So, if you have inside ear hair problem forget about it.  inner ear is the most sensitive skin on your entire body. Also, inner ear can easily detect any changes in ear pressure. So, you don’t really want to expose such a very sensitive area to the violence and pain of plucking hair. Plucking your ear canal is a bad idea as It’s going to hurt a lot, can cause bleeding, mess with your hearing and it can make your inner ear itchy.

As for outer ear hair, as long as you don’t have too much hair you can the use your tweezers to grab the hair from its root as long as you can handle the pain of course. Very low in cost and last for a long time (up to 8 weeks).

4)      Waxing

First you need to know that there are two types of waxing hot and cold waxing. Same as plucking waxing is a very good method to deal with external ear hair but not good enough to use it on hair inside your ear.  Cause if u used wax inside your ear canal it might stick with the normally secreted ear wax. Thus, causing it to glue to ear and making hear difficult. This may require that you go to hospital to get ear wash or get it removed. So yea ending up by going to hospital might not be the best option for your ear hair removal.

For your external ear hair though waxing is another story. When you get a professional waxing, you always deal with someone who knows what they should exactly do. They can removal the hair of your outer ear hair without putting you at risk at all. Luckily, ear waxing doesn’t hurt as waxing on other body parts. This is due to the ear being less sensitive to pain and there is usually less hair. Keep in mind that some ear doesn’t respond well to waxing. So, if you found yourself not happy with the results consider the other options.

5)      Hair Removal Creams

Oh, good hair removal creams. Let’s take another look at this option. You don’t want hair reduction cream in your ear, at the expense of staring at an infection with your ear. When you make its canal full of cream that can inflict serious chemical burns around the inner ear canal. Could you imagine how bad this idea is? Avoid trying; this has been rhetorical.

Hair removal creams are not a bad thing for the outside ear. Typically, it is very painless. It is very quick. It will last for a long time. With a little cream, you can really make your ear flaps soft and delicate. Please, as you do, be clever. Made sure you have decent earplugs in for the whole process and properly rinse the ears before removing the plugs. As long as you’re taking your precautions, you’ll find the outer ears of the best body parts to be managed with hair removal creams.

Know that hair removal creams aren’t also for everyone. Before deciding, always check how your skin is going to respond. Place a little dab on your wrist or arm, and see if there is going to be a reaction. That is to obey the directions and then examine the skin for at least one hour. If you have no problems with the cream then you can proceed with using it for your ear hair removal.

6)      Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment is a smart option for hair removal in your ear. Yeah, it is significantly more costly than other alternative options. And, after the further technological developments, it’s definitely can be used for everyone. Any hair and skin color variations can stumble at the lasers. Technology has continued to go a long way to keep up with what the society needs.

So, the best thing about a laser hair removal treatment is that you will actually get rid of your ear hair permanently. It may take several procedures so you will be able to leave behind the trimmers, tweezers, waxes and creams forever when you’re finished. Ok, for other body parts you will always need them but for your ears, it will be done your ears are guaranteed they will be hairless.

 This one has a bit of extra good news. You should believe, as we said earlier, that the ear hair would never rotate into shape. At least, that is not going to happen in your lifetime. Children can become desperate enough for new ideas in a few generations so let’s not dwell on that. Stylistically, laser treatment is better at your ears than any other part of the body.

All that said, laser hair removal is perfect for users whom the money cost isn’t a big issue. And if you are willing to have a permanent hair removal for your ears. It can take from 4-8 treatment sessions in order to get rid of your ear hair forever.


Ok now as we have covered all ear hair removal options. You now know why your hair is there many causes and one of them maybe the reason you have this annoying hair in your ears. Actually, the important question is what is good for me to get rid of that hair? You have to answer some questions first. Is the hair inside me ear our outside it? can I financially manage laser hair removal? is waxing really the best option of me? Then You can use all that knowledge to make life easier by taking the decision suitable the most for you. Finally, remember you always have a nice list of other ways to get rid of the hair once it grows.

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