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Armpit Laser Hair Removal [Ultimate Guide]

Despite armpit Philips Laser hair removal has been around now for a very long time, there is still a lot of people that still don’t know about the Philips Laser hair removal system. And how it has become a much better option than using razors, shaving creams, and home-waxing kit. So, if you’re considering underarm laser hair removal, read on for the most important things you need to know before you start the treatment.

Is Armpit Philips Laser hair removal Permanent?

Usually, it’s recommended to undergo a course of five to ten treatment sessions in order to obtain the best results, with top-up sessions maybe prescribed when needed. After six treatments, you may find your coarser underarm hairs growing back and needing to be trimmed more and more, so while the follicles attached to the finer hairs in my underarms appear to be permanently gone, the ones attached to your coarser ones may Seem to haven’t been affected at all. If this is the case, then you will have to shave them every seven to 10 days.

Is Armpit Philips Laser hair removal Painful?

As the famous saying goes, beauty is pain, and if you find being hairless a wonderful thing, then its of your best interest to be prepared for the mild pain of Philips Laser hair removal. Although most of the treatment sessions are very quick and uncomplicated, Philips Laser hair removal isn’t totally painless. The zap of the laser feeling can be compared to someone repeatedly flicking rubber bands into your underarm skin for about 10 minutes, and when that’s done, you can expect that armpit body area to be tender for up to 24 hours after the treatment session. It’s always recommended to shave the night before a laser session in order to prevent the laser from burning any hair as it blitzes over the armpit.

When Do You Start Seeing Results?

Although results vary depending on each person, I started seeing a difference in the fine texture of my regrowth after the second session. The growth was fine enough that I didn’t feel the need to shave in the six weeks between that session and the next. After the first session, though, you may start noticing hairs growing as normal and then quickly falling out as the follicles slowly die. This is completely normal.

How Long Does It Take?

For underarm treatments in particular, you’re required to get six to eight treatments with six weeks in between each session to allow for each follicle to be targeted in the right stage of its growth cycle. The sessions themselves take five to 10 minutes of actual laser zapping. So, if you thought it was a one-and-done scenario like I did, you’re sorely mistaken because you’ll be getting treatments for up to eight months. Keep in mind that any direct sun exposure that occurs on the area being treated will mean you have to wait two weeks to ensure the laser doesn’t cause further damage.

Is It Worth It?

Depending on what your expectations are, Philips Laser hair removal might fall on either side of the fence when it comes to whether it’s worth it. As someone with coarse hair that is more prone to ingrown hairs, I developed sensitive, blemished underarm skin because of constant abrasion from shaving and exfoliating, so the break I got from my normal grooming routine was more than worth it, sore underarms and all.

Shaving your underarms is the pits. That’s why you need underarm Philips Laser hair removal. It:

  • Eliminates unwanted underarm hair permanently in as few as four-session
  • Frees you from nicks, razor burn, stubble, ingrown hairs, and thickened follicles
  • Requires no incisions or surgery
  • Offers comfort and convenience
  • Fits your active lifestyle


In Philips Laser hair removal armpits, laser light pulses selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin in them. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the pulse, which damages the follicle enough to slow hair regrowth.

Our state-of-the-art lasers remove underarm and armpit hair safely and effectively, allowing you to customize your treatment plan accordingly.

Philips Laser hair removal systems work on nearly all skin types and tones. Two challenges are red and gray hair; they are difficult to distinguish from surrounding tissue. If the hair you want to be removed is one of these colors, you can improve results by dyeing it a shade darker before your procedure.

Among the safest and most effective lasers available, the Cynosure and Diode systems work magic on all skin types and tones. What’s more, the Cynosure system features a unique Cryocooler that keeps you cool and comfortable during your entire session.

Our Nd:YAG laser works best if you have darker skin and hair. It has a longer wavelength and is highly sensitive to all skin colors and pigments. This means it can more precisely penetrate hair follicles with no effect on surrounding tissue.

You should know that with darker skin comes a higher risk of complications, such as hypopigmentation, keloid scarring, and folliculitis.

*Results and patient experience may vary.

Philips Laser hair removal EXPERIENCE

An armpit Philips Laser hair removal session lasts about 15 minutes. That’s it!

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Before your session, you’ll be given protective eye gear and, if you want it, a topical anesthetic. Once your session begins, you’ll feel a stinging sensation. You’ll know then that the laser is active. You may feel a prickling and burning sensation. But don’t worry; it isn’t bad at all. After your laser underarm hair removal session, you may see some swelling and redness. These are temporary and likely won’t keep you from resuming your normal activities.

Rare complications include blisters, swelling, redness, and scarring. Even rarer complications are permanent scarring and changes in skin color.

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