Philips Lumea

At-home Hair Removal Device With IPL

Philips Lumea is the best alternative technology to all hair removal traditional methods from epilators and waxing to shaving creams. It works with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to remove hair from larger areas quickly.

Lumea will make your skin silky-smooth and hairless for long time. You will notice a reduction of hair growth by  92% after only 3 sessions!

It’s made with internal protective sensor called ‘SmartSkin’ which will help you understand the best settings for you depending on your hair color and skin tone. It will tell you the duration of treatment and many helpful information.

Within Only 3 Minutes!

You can adjust energy settings depending on your skin tone thanks to the auto adjusting settings. It is suitable for removing hair from all body areas smoothly without pain. You can now remove all body hair within 15 minutes.

فيليبس لوميا

Results within 45 days

Lumea device promotes light pulses of light which prevent hair growth by damaging hair follicles from the roots.
The device is designed to give you permanent hair removal after only 6 weeks of starting your treatment. You will notice reduction in hair growth after only 4 sessions treatment if you use it regularly every 2 weeks. Don’t miss your chance to get smooth skin and remove all unwanted hairs forever. You can get boosting sessions every 4:8 weeks after your treatment.

Why Philips Lumea?

Remove leg hair in only 5:8 minutes only

Get rid of unwanted hair for more than 1 year.

You don’t have to visit salons and feel embarrassed taking off your clothes. You have compete privacy at home.

Most affordable compared to all other hair removal methods including epilation and depilation.

Very Effective In removing hair without pain that you feel during shaving and epilating.

You can learn how to use it by yourself easily.

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How To Use lumea

Philips Lumea Models

فيليبس لوميا
Philips Lumea Prestige
Philips Lumea Advanced

Lumea Reviews

Stephanie tells her story with Lumea IPL Prestige device.
Stephanie Bailey
Youtuber From London

World Of Lumea

More information about lumea models, How to use and other important instructions.

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